Sunday, May 17, 2015

An inside day

After a great day yesterday you can't really complain about a rainy day today.  Plus I really needed to do some housework. Since it's not my favorite thing, the rain was good to eliminate outside temptations.  I even made a batch of biscuits in my new oven this morning.  

After things looked better around here I focused on this pile of wool worms 

I can't seem to get rid of them and it's starting to really bug me.  So I decided one way or another I will win this battle. I grabbed a piece of linen, drew out a rectangle and decided to just freestyle.  Seemed like such a great idea.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.  I don't know where I was going with this either!  Lol. Did you ever think something was great in your head but just makes no sense?  I ripped it out and grabbed a sharpie

Maybe this will be better.  I will win this war on worms.  I swear I will.  

A special treat for supper -  fiddlehead greens are out!  They are only around for a couple of weeks. I cooked a big pot and saved some for tomorrow. 

 I'm thinking fiddlehead quiche might be good to try next. 


  1. I've never eaten fiddleheads ~ but I love the word.
    Sorry, Kim. NO ONE wins the battle of the worms!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. I had never heard of fiddleheads, either! Had to look it up. Google is my friend. LOL

    I did notice that your pile of wool worms and fiddleheads look very much alike. LOL

  3. Oh I love me some fiddle heads!. I had some last weekend. good luck with your worms lord I have so many worms. We could use some of that rain here.

  4. The fiddleheads looks wonderful. How nice to have an inside day. That worm thing is driving me crazy too, and just hooking is so hard. I can't ever decide on colors.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  5. I love rainy days! Gives me an excuse to be lazy! :-) I thought your hooking experiment was looking great! Kinda of like an impressionistic flower garden. Luvs me some fiddleheads though I haven't been fortunate enough to find any around here... last I had them was probably more than 20 years ago? lol! boy... I'm gettin' old... ;-)

  6. We had rain here too so I went to Value Village and came home with sone nice stuff.
    Since you live so close to Deanne, maybe she would exchange worms with you? I have a new pile of worms too from my grandfather rug since I couldn't come up with a decent green. Now I have to find the time to clean up that mess too.
    I made cream of fiddlehead soup and it was delicious.

  7. I've never had fiddleheads, and I don't think it's common around here, but it is sure to be a delicacy! Enjoy the short season! We need a rainy day here. xo

  8. Happy Victoria Day Kim, yup, Fiddlehead season is here but I never tried them. Nice woolie worms, Happy Hooking, Francine.

  9. I've never eaten Fiddleheads or even heard of them. At first I thought you cooked up the other worms you were trying to get rid of! Ha! I'll have to see if Fiddleheads are in our area.