Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mystery solved

First, thanks for all the tips and emails with suggestions on Lola's issues.  However this evening the mystery of her behaviors may have been solved.  

Her last home had taken her to a vet in another town for a bladder infection.  But it's not convenient for me to travel out of town for a vet, especially since I love the vet clinic here. Due to privacy laws, I can't get her info transferred.  The other lady has to make the request.  So I called her tonight to ask her to do this before Friday.  She wasn't home but her husband answered.   He said he'd give his wife the message and asked me how the little pup was doing.  Sweet, right?   Just wait......

I told him all the good things like how smart she is and all the new commands she is learning.  But then I told him the nipping and biting was a real problem.  My hands and ankles are like pin cushions.  He cleared his throat and began confessing 

"Well Dear, that might be my fault". He told me he used to play rough with her, let her chew on his "tough old hands and feet", tease her with a sock, play tug of war etc.  Grrrrrrrrr

Geez, I wonder why she bites???   I swear if I had been near that old fella I might have punched him.  I have the names of a couple of people who do training and puppy obedience classes so I will call them this week and hopefully soon we can reverse this behavior.  


  1. Well that's good news! Hope on the horizon!

  2. Lola definitely is a puppy with those sharp little puppy teeth. The squirt bottle and something noisy were excellent suggestions. The main thing, which is so hard, is consistency. I know Ellie has issues that I am working on but I know I'm not consistent enough...sigh. I think I need a dog whisperer. She has a major case of little dog syndrome.
    Lola sure is a cutie :)

  3. Well, well, well... That didn't take long.... I perused a few of your prior posts and once again found myself spitting Chardonnay out my nose. (Ok, not really...but dang close....) Welcome Lola!! (I know you considered "Lucifer"...but Luci might have been a good second choice.) ;-) I wish I had some advice, but I don't.... Our pups have always been push-overs. About all I've had to break them of is licking peeps to death. Now a few of my cats are another story. ;o) She's sure a cutie pie though.... Smiles & Nips...errr...Hugs ~ Robin

  4. You are too funny! I am confident you will get a handle on all of this. Lola is young so she'll learn who the boss is and will become better behaved.

  5. I am so glad you figured it all out. I didn't know dogs had privacy issues. Oh well I learn something every day. I hope she is back to a very sweet little girl soon.

  6. It was decent of him to confess I guess though. ;)

  7. oh she thinks it is playing! Good luck with the training

  8. Sure hope things will be easy and normal with her soon. She is such a cutie.

    Take care, Janet W Hugs

  9. I'd have helped you slap him around a bit. He made her that way, the dunce. Well at least the mystery is solved and you are on your way to helping her become a nice young lady pup.

  10. *****so what you really would like to say is, "figures...a man was involved in this crime!!!" at least that is what i would probably have heard at home!
    good luck...a puppy can change quickly...not like we old dogs!!!

  11. The nipping thing is definitely a puppy thing. But the dog needs to know that it is unacceptable behaviour. I got a chocolate Lab at 6 months. The previous owner did not realize that they did not come trained. D'uh!

    I spent a LOT of time with trainers (she was bbbbbad!). After many classes she improved. And then it was fun. We got to a point where I got her certified a a Therapy Dog. This was a big day for us!

    As someone else mentioned consistency is crucial...and remember that she is still a puppy...there is hope.

  12. Let's see, I think I remember that old phrase.."There's no such thing as a bad dog...just bad dog owners." Yep, that fits here! Now Lola has a good dog owner and I'm sure she'll thrive and be a sweetie in no time!