Monday, November 10, 2014

The Eve of remembrance

Here it is, November 10th.  The last thing I expected to see this morning outside my window was roses.  My rose bush is blooming!  It's been cold.  Like really cold and several heavy frosts.  Yet, this plant is giving me roses.  There are 3 buds today 

Honestly I'm not sure what to make of it but I think tomorrow I will snip them and take them to the cemetary when I visit Mom's grave.  

This morning I dropped off Millie at Aunties to visit for the day and began packing up Mom's china.  It's all washed and put away.  I need to find some cup hooks and hang the tea cups under the middle shelf.  It's a work in progress (like everything here)

I love the pattern, it's so simple and pretty.  Royal Albert Silver Maple

I don't know if 2 makes a collection but it's the start of a collection.  My vintage egg coddlers 

I love these and hope to add more someday.

Without Millie underfoot I puttered around and got lots done.  Even cooked a nice chicken dinner but didn't use the good china.  It was all clean and I didn't want to wash it again.  Lol 

I don't know what happened at Aunties all day but since I brought Millie home a bit ago she's been sound asleep.  I think they wore each other out. 

Take a moment tomorrow and remember all those who gave of themselves so we could enjoy freedom


  1. May God bless our soldiers. Freedom isn't free.
    Hugs :)

  2. A good reminder. I hope you get to sleep better tonight. I am glad Millie is sleeping. I like your roses.

  3. kim what a lovely set of dishes. I still have a couple of roses blooming also.
    so glad millie had a night out.

  4. What a sign of resilience!! Your mother's china is beautiful and it looks lovely in the new hutch. Remember and honor those who have served. :)

  5. The colors of china are perfect with the paint of the cabinet. Did you plan that??
    Remembering our heroes today.

  6. Kim, your Mom's China is beautiful and looks great in the new hutch.
    I still have one single rose left on my rose bush, tough little flowers aren't they!

    Remembrance Day is very special in the heart of most Canadians. Words cannot thank them enough for their sacrifices for Peace.

  7. I can't believe your roses are still blooming - lovely! Pretty china in a pretty cabinet. Hmmmmm - I wonder what Millie and Auntie were doing all day. :)