Saturday, November 1, 2014

November is blowing in

November started off like a prelude to winter. It's cold and raining.  A few degree drop and this rain could easily turn to snow.  Brrrr.  Time to start thinking about making an appointment to get my winter tires on.  

My day started with meeting some of my gal pals for breakfast at a downtown church.  Pancakes, eggs, sausage and baked beans.  And I even got to have a little cuddle with my friend's new 3 week old granddaughter.  What a sweetie!

I hadn't started raining yet but the sky was darkening.  I have wanted to give my back lawn one last mowing but all last week was too wet.  So I raced home and got it done and then a friend came over to winterize my lawnmower and get it all put away in the back of the garage.  It's nice to have that done.  And it wasn't long after we finished and it started to rain.  Glad I didn't procrastinate (like usual). 

Oh, and I made another batch of biscuits.  I think I've got the trick now.  All warm from the oven with molasses.   Perfect little lunch!

Tonight I'll just cozy up in front of the tv and stay warm.  Tomorrow I might try sweet and sour meatballs in the slow cooker.  Haven't made those in a long time. 

Millie survived Halloween and was happy when the trick or treaters all went home.  There were not as many kids out this year. I think we had 30-35 so there are lots of leftover treats.  (What a shame, right?) wink wink 


  1. I think it sounds all warm and cozy. I just love reading about what you have been up to and getting your things done. It sounds wonderful.
    Well enjoy this evening. Stay warm.

  2. Sixteen inches of snow on top of Mt. LeConte in the Smokies this morning, an earlier than usual measurable snowfall. The Park also closed. We've had lots of wind here, but never even a flurry. It's just very cold! There is a freeze warning for our area. It sounds as though you've had a productive day! xo

  3. We started off cold this morning, but no rain. I didn't venture out today and only out yesterday long enough to get my meds. I don't want winter yet. I just want some sunshine for sure and to warm up again. We are at 44 right now. I have enjoyed catching up with you and what you have been doing. Being sick I didn't even have my light on last night. Take care and stay warm. hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  4. It was cold and rainy today with icy spritz by the afternoon. I got all my Halloween put's a process! I decorated ALOT this year...crazy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. misting and cold here most of the day. you are the first person I have heard of outside of my family that puts molasses on biscuits. and yummy it is too.
    the meatballs sound great we still have things to do outside so I hope the snow holds off for us for a while

  6. Getting our snow this morning. We finished our fall chores just in time!! A good day to stitch or hook by the fire. :) stay warm.

  7. Good thing you got all the lawn and lawn mower dealt with.
    It's just started snowing here and the north wind is blowing from the river. It's cold.
    Keep Millie bundled up and give her a little soft hug from me. As I get older I feel the pain of arthritis in my knees, hips and hands. I'll have to wait till November 27th to get my new stove installed, in the mean time I'm paying for electric heat.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  8. Oh my your biscuits sound delightful and comforting on a chilly day ~ I love comfort food ( occasionally my hips can attest to it).
    Glad Millie made it through those little Goblins banging at the door , poor Millie a hug you little cutie you.

  9. Yes, it's getting that time of the year where we will settling in from the cold weather, just wish it never got below freezing! Glad Millie made it through Halloween!

  10. November did blow in here in the NC mountains with snow and cold!
    Glad Millie survived. Maybe she should get a little bite of those warm biscuits as a treat?!

  11. You are on top of things with this homeowner stuff!! Our weather was terrible Halloween, freezing cold, windy, rainy, sleet snow mix!! The good news -- all three of my teens had parties to go to and we got to go out for a bite to eat!! Our lawn mower conked out right at the end of this season - thanks for reminding me to call a lawn service for one last clean up!!

  12. Hi Kim, you are on top of things, way to go.... I had over 150 kids Halloween night, sure was tired, plus no leftovers for me........ Nice here today, but we know what's coming.Blessings Francine.

  13. We had a group of only 6 boys for Halloween. Only two of us bother to decorate and put on our lights on our street. I miss the days when everyone on the street enjoyed Halloween. We've got cold here too and some rain yesterday. I'm loving it! Of course, it won't last. Back into the 70s next week. UGH.