Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Did you ever just find yourself in a really bad mood for absolutely no reason?  No reason!!  There was no incident, no horrifying encounter, no tragedy or disaster......I'm just really crabby today. 

I feel like just randomly walking up to strangers and giving them "The Stink Eye".

The other day I was reading a blog that mentioned the new Rug Hooking Magazine was in.  I went to Walmart tonight to look for it.  I was expecting it not to be there and to be honest I was almost disappointed to find it.  Now I couldn't complain about it not being there!  See....I told you I was moody today. 

And Target has been airing Christmas commercials for a week.  Seriously??  Aren't you supposed to wait until Remembrance Day is over?  I emptied my rotting gourds from my pretty glass display bowl and I have no interim-display filler.  So now it's just sitting empty on my coffee table, mocking me until November 12 when I can put holiday crap in it.  There's nothing worse than a mocking glass bowl.

Maybe menopause has killed another estrogen cell and it was the one cell that was balancing the scale?  Maybe that one cell was keeping me from becoming a curmudgeon ?

This was supper tonight.  I make no apologies


  1. I don't drink beer but certainly would enjoy the main course. That is chip dip isn't it? For some reason, I feel powerful on my bitch days.

  2. I agree that Christmas gets rushed in. We don't decorate until after Thanksgiving but Wal-Mart starts around labor day! Even Hallmark has jumped the gun. All day Christmas movies already...OK, now I'm in a bad mood! (Keep the beer, pass those chips!)

  3. It could be worst than feeling moody, you could find yourself crying in your beer for no reason at all. My sister was crossing the street and stopped at a red light and burst into tears for no reason at all...

    Chips is a comfort food for me too.
    Do I dare hug you? Yes, I'll take my chances.


  4. It is just that kind of week. I can't even think of Christmas yet!
    I am glad I haven't seen any commercials.
    Have a nice evening anyway. :)

  5. Love that first picture :)
    I'd substitute white zin and then dinner would be perfect.
    I was reading a blog last week and she was putting all her fall away and starting to decorate for Christmas. WTH??? It wasn't even Halloween.
    I hope tomorrow is better for you. I think we all have those days when nothing is really wrong but nothing is right, either.
    Hugs :)

  6. Sending you a big giant woolie hug..
    Those days stink!

  7. oh poor Kim I am so sorry you are feeling crabby but I sure know how that feels. It looks like you have hit most of the food groups to me so dinner was fine. Hallmark cannel has been having Christmas movies since Halloween night. So I hear ya. My friends are calling to tell me about Christmas open houses and candles in their windows come on people there is a turkey day in between.
    hugs hugs and hugs to you

  8. some days are just like that...I embrace my bad mods by singing sings to myself in the car..."it's a great day from me to kick somebody's a$$" and "were you born an a..hole or have you been practicing all your life" to start..maybe you need chocolate too...hugs

  9. You're so funny! I love your honesty -- and I think we've all been there!! Here's to better days ahead!!

  10. Oh ya, many times could have ripped someone's face off.... Nice supper, I would have joined you, Blessings Francine.

  11. Buahahaha! I finally pop back into blog world and this is how you greet me? :P I think everyone needs to have grumpy days for no reason, just to get it out of your system. Better to be slightly grumpy every now and then, than to save it all up and go postal! ;) If it makes you feel any better I had booze and ice cream for dinner the other night.

  12. Hi Kim, sorry you are feeling crabby today. I hope tomorrow is better. Gosh, our Walmart here is so " in your face" with things that it nearly knocks you over when you come in the doors. I love Christmas but I dread going in there. It is really the only place in town to shop for everything unless we go a few miles out of town to a mall. The mall isn't that great.

    Love the chips and dip, Kelley's chocolate idea too yummmm. And Meg's ice cream....wow gettin' hungry here lol

    Take care, Janet W Hugs

  13. I wish our Wal-Mart would sell Rug Hooking. I hear ya-----some days its just the way it is. Beer and chips sounds like a good meal to me.

  14. Actually I am glad you are not crying in your beer and instead crushing the can. Should have added some chocolate to that meal!
    I love fall but I really don't enjoy Christmas. Too much pressure to afford what you cannot and family is too far away. It just ends up being a lonely time.

  15. Well said! I know zackly what ya mean. I have days that I should wear a sign that says "Don't touch me or talk to me."
    Too funny...

  16. You crack me up, but I know exactly what you mean!!

  17. Yes - I have had those crabby days too. I think of it as an excuse to eat chocolate!

  18. LOLOL just fell about laughing at this - dam you, Ive got broken ribs and it hurts to laugh!!