Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ready or not....

Here it comes!!  Our first significant snowfall.  It's been snowing for a bit and right now the ground is just covered.  If it was to stop NOW I might even say it's pretty.  But it's those little small flakes and we all know what that means!!  

The hat, scarf and mittens are ready.  The new shovel is at the door awaiting its duty tomorrow.  My new L.L. Bean winter boots are ready for their first outing.  

I backed the car into the driveway so it will be easy to drive straight out. And then after about an hour of snow I worried that I had backed it in too far.  I debated with myself for awhile and then I went out and pulled it up closer to the road.  But not too close that the sidewalk plow would pack in the front.   But close enough that I wouldn't have to shovel for 30 feet! 

Ahhh Winter, how I hate thee 

Instead of looking out the window and stressing I'm hooking a little Karen Kahle feather tree pattern.

Only 6 months until I have to mow the lawn again :(

On a happier note, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American family and friends! 


  1. Still snowing here about 8 heavy inches right now.
    I have not been productive Sitting on my behind watching tv
    tomorrow is another day. I have the same boots good old llbean

  2. I love those boots! I read your posts about snow, and you make me sit here and laugh. I never thought about the whole car issue. I never thought about having to shovel yourself out. I hope it does stop soon so you won't have to break in those snow boots and shovel tomorrow.
    Did you find your scraper?
    I like your new pattern. It is going to be so cute.
    Have a nice evening, I am finally finished in the kitchen. Lots of stuff to eat.
    Tomorrow is going to be a yoga pants kind of day. :)

  3. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes, Kim! I hope the snow doesn't cause you major problems tomorrow. Good that you have those boots! xo

  4. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes Kim. Can't wait for the turkey dinner. We cheated and had some cranberry sauce for dinner and will be having pumpkin pie later for dessert. lol

    Cute little snow family :) I wish we had the snow...can you send some our way?? :
    Just very windy and raining a little off and on here.
    Love your little feather tree.

    Take care, stay safe and warm byeee Janet W

  5. Aww, cute little snow family. I love the hair,
    We were dumped on heavily too and we lost power during the night and I could see the sky glowing red with transformers blowing up during the night. The power came back on around 3:30 am.

    Love the snow boots. I hope that you don't have too much shovelling to do. Smart idea to park closer to the road.
    Lost of cancellations here in Fredericton this morning.
    Stay warm and safe on the road.

  6. Morning, sweet little snow folk family... Great warm boots, that's the ticket and wine of coarse. Blessings Francine.

  7. Love that - the positivity involved in seeing that at least you wont have to mow the lawn for 6 months LOL
    Good luck with the snow and the tree is a smashing start!

  8. Love your winter boots! And your snow. But that's because we hardly ever get any at all. If we get winter weather, it's just cold and sometimes, icy. Enjoy the wine at least. LOL