Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh Monday.....

I've got the "first Monday after vacation, back to work, rainy day blues".  Blahhhh.......  Oh this morning was hard.  Lol.  And not only is it rainy but it's chilly.  In fact after supper I had to break down and put on a pair of August!!

I came home and threw together supper - chicken, mozzarella, and hummus on grilled naan bread.  Surprisingly tasty for a thrown together meal.  The weekend company pretty much cleaned me out of groceries and I was too lazy to go to the store. 

Since the house is now reasonably organized I'm starting to really miss hooking something.  The pile of  unfinished projects in the den is starting to mock me every time I pass by

Some are fully hooked but not bound.  Some are varying degrees of almost hooked.  A few were abandoned and may never see another piece of wool.   Should a start a new piece with this pile sitting  here?  Should I just bite the bullet, grab one and finish the binding?  So many questions......I'll probably just knit tonight.    There's always tomorrow night to bind one rug.......hehehe. Why do we hate that part so much?


  1. That nan bread with filling looks great to me.

    I have a 4 rugs that needs a finished edge but like you, I like the hooking better. I was just telling Sunnie today that I need to design a rug but I have no idea what to hook. Nothing is coming to mind at all.

    You look quite comfy with your socks on. I had to did out long sleeves top and pants today too.

  2. I've told Saundra I am not right...I enjoy the binding. It is mindless handwork that adds the FINIS. There is something about Monday nights that calls for mindless. Hope the rest of your week is less taxing.

  3. Ugh...Monday after vacation, rain and cold. Glad you are home and warm tonight and mostly organized. I hope whatever you choose to work on that you have an enjoyable and restful night.

  4. Monday mornings are often a challenge, regardless of whether they have been preceded by a vacation.:-) I don't think there was ever a time I didn't begin to be in a bit of a mood on Sunday afternoons before I retired.:-) xo

  5. Your dinner looks delicious! I've been having a catch-up read, all the way back to that a cute squirrel. Just think, all your moving-in exercise has made up for any weight gain from those lovely seafood meals! Have a much better, truly gorgeous rest of the week!

  6. Well I am impressed with your throw together dinner. I don't know if I would ever feed myself if I was alone.
    I have rugs to bind too and I just haven't been able to make myself do it. I love hooking just not the binding part.
    Have a wonderful evening, you know you could send some of that lovely cooler weather my way, I would enjoy it very much.

  7. Monday's in surgery aren't always fun even without a vacation! I think your dinner looked gourmet! YUM! Hope the rest of the week goes better and those rugs aren't going anywhere so take your time!

  8. It IS so hard to get back into the swing of thing isn't it? Your dinner looks yummy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You mentioned liking the cooler weather too. And paying your oil bill now. Have you checked with the power company to find out the billing history of the house? Like what has been the average monthly amounts during certain times of the year?

    In our new place here, a one bedroom apt, I am told that the monthly bill may be as low as only $30. If that is what we have I will be a very happy camper. I am used to it being more way more than that.

    I hope you can decide on either finishing or starting something new soon. I love to see your work. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  9. ohman, I'll bet that was difficult! 3 weeks off is a long time. I always liked the binding part of rugs...

  10. You came HOME!!!! That sounds good! That sandwich sounds good too. Love hummus and never thought of smearing it on chicken and melting mozzarella. I could use pita bread or a ciabatta roll!

  11. The good is no longer Monday! Love that little sandwich you threw together -- very resourceful!!