Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Random

It's back to sub-zero temperatures here.  People keep "claiming" Spring starts later this week.  Pfft, I'm going to need more conclusive evidence than a date on a calendar!

I was watching the news tonight and there was a reporter complaining about certain networks that were doing around-the-clock "theory" stories about the missing Malaysian airliner.  They were calling the coverage "disaster porn".  Really?  Is there anything we can't create a buzz-name for?

Speaking of something I didn't realize was "a thing".......the other day I was shoe shopping with a couple of girlfriends.  We looked at one particular shoe and my friend says she doesn't like it because it shows "toe cleavage".  Have you heard this before?    Is that a real thing?  Have I been guilty of flashing some "toe cleavage" in my past?   Are people still talking about it/me?   Great......another thing for me to worry about. 

Still on the topic of body parts (sort of) - we have a friend who has had some leg issues and needs to wear a hard plastic support brace that fits inside her shoe.   While she was visiting she removed the brace.  As she got ready to leave I decided to bring her the brace in the living room so she could put it on easier.   It is similar to something like this, only it was still attached to her shoe

I put it in front of her and Millie went completely ballistic.  Barking, growling, running around in circles.   I think she thought her leg fell off!!  I've never seen her act like that but she was so upset. It was quite the sight.  Lol 

Last but certainly not least - yesterday I went to a St. Patricks Day lunch at a friends house.  Four lovely ladies went to great effort to cheer me up.  It was lovely

Everyone wore green.  There were fun hats and green feather boas. (No pics of that - to protect the innocent). Even the furry residents of the house felt the Irish spirit

Thanks for reading my random!


  1. Toe cleavage? Now I've heard just about everything, but maybe, just maybe, I'll go for some. Never had cleavage of any kind...sigh.
    Sweet Shelties!
    Hugs :)

  2. Awwwww, those poochies want you to smile so badly! Precious! I have heard of toe cleavage, but my sneakers are pretty safe!

  3. I have heard of toe cleavage and it is from my daughter as a teen. You want to know something like that ask a teenage girl I found out about other cute terms that are not to be discussed here ha ha ha.
    Poor millie she is having a hard time of it. It sounds like you had a great st Patrick's day.

  4. Poor Millie, that brace does look kinda like a bone.... LOL! Glad your friends were able to have such a nice gathering ( a little rowdiness does a girl good!)
    I am sharing the sentiments of your little blue bird... what corner is Spring exactly around anyway....?!!
    Cathy G

  5. I do so enjoy your posts, Kim! I can just see and hear Millie now! What a lovely St. Patrick's lunch! Sending hugs from Tennessee with a wish for warmer weather to come your way! Nellie

  6. Sounds like an interesting week! I know your spring will arrive... Eventually lol! So glad you got such a nice meal. As for the toe cleavage... Hey, if you've got it flaunt it! LOL!

  7. Poor Millie. If I had nice toes (or anything else) I would show some cleavage.

  8. Well gee whiz, I never knew that but it isn't something I am going to worry about. Then the news thing, I didn't know that either. I knew about the jet but not the stations.
    I died laughing about poor Millie, I bet she did think that. Well I love your posts like this, it is full of lots of interesting things that I didn't know about.
    Have a nice evening.

  9. Those hairy residents of the house looked as ticked off as the blue bird! It's great to have friends who care so much. What a great looking table and how fun to celebrate together! I did laugh at Millie's barking episode...If you're ever attacked by someone with a prostatic leg atleast you know she'll give 'em heck!

  10. I've never heard the term toe cleavage but that is funny!!!! lol I will think of that every time my daughter tries on a pair of shoes from now on I'm sure! lol She always has me look at her feet to see if they look alright which sometimes they just don't. Probably because of the toe cleavage! lol

    Glad you have some great friends around you that can help you to cheer you up. The pups looked really cute!

  11. That table and the dogs look oh so festive and fun!! Ha! I just read what that little blue bird said about Spring! In the past week, we have actually had some melting of snow happening so it could happen to you, too!

  12. Oh my goodness I just heard that the other day too.
    I thought oh lordie I know I show that..lol
    I have very long toes. ugh..
    What a fun time with friends.
    Woolie Hugs

  13. Poor little blue bird, looks like he could use some cheering up to...
    Nice having such kind and caring friends, the table looks festive. Did they served green beer?

    Poor little Millie, my heart goes out to her. So much has changed for her too lately.
    Oh those toe cleavage shoes look so uncomfortable. Those have to be designed by very small minds, lol... how much more cleavage do we women need to show to keep these morons happy? Breast cleavage, butt cleavage and now toe cleavage, really??? The only cleavage I've got left is my toe cleavage and by golly, I'm not wearing those kind of shoes, period, lol...

  14. I have heard of toe cleavage! The table looks festive and I bet the FOOD was good! Your little bluebird has a cranky over the winter that won't go away and so do I.. :)

  15. The dogs don't look impressed at all. I'm glad your friends encouraged you.

    Toe cleavage....hmmmm. guess I've seen it but not as bad as the pic you show.

  16. I love random! I have heard of toe cleavage and while I think it looks good on others, I don't care for it for myself :)
    Love the little bluebird of happiness pictures....cracks me up!