Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to deal with indecision

Today I worked on my March Mystery Pattern from Deanne Fitzpatricks Pattern of the Month Club.  The Optimistic Owl was a fun project to work on.  I finished the owl portion

That was the easy part.  I always struggle with background choices.  And it's especially bad when I start a project without a proper color plan.  I remember telling myself at the end of 2013 that I was going to challenge myself in 2014 with making beautiful backgrounds.  It was my unofficial New Years resolution.  Stretch myself, be bold and expressive and create fun backgrounds.......

So, here we are with my first real project of 2014 and.........

I gave up!  Nothing looked right to me.  I trolled through my stash holding up various pieces of wool.

And then I said "the heck with this!"   So I made a pillow.  LOL

That's one way to avoid hooking backgrounds :)

Now I can start my April mystery pattern.   But since the rest of the participants haven't received theirs in the mail  yet, Meagan (who works at Deanne's studio) has made me promise not to show it yet.  Sorry ladies, but I can tell you that you will LOVE it when it arrives.


  1. Love it ! I think that is a great idea to have a new pattern each month

  2. I'm not a hooker, but this seems like more fun than jelly of the month club! Love the owl!

  3. I think that your owl pillow looks precious. Who needs a background when you're that cute.

  4. I love this sweet owl. (and how you finished it)

  5. Back in the day when I was a hooker, I struggled with the same thing...backgrounds. Someone once told me that one should choose the background first and then work your colors around that. Not sure I ever did that, though. Your owl is adorable and makes a perfect pillow! Good job!

  6. I absolutely love him as a pillow!

  7. The perfect finish! Love this little owl!

  8. the owl pillow is just too cute. Nice finish

  9. I love your pillow!! It turned out so very cute. I bet you will enjoy this every month.

  10. What a charming little fellow! I think he's happy he doesn't have a background around him! LOL! I like your background challenge to yourself! I keep telling my students not to be afraid of using 3, 4 or more wools in the background of a rug. We need to have a support group for the interesting background challenged among us! LOL!!
    Cathy G

  11. Wonderful! And already in your Etsy shop. I am IMPRESSED!
    Hugs :)