Friday, March 21, 2014

Malfunctions, Mayhem and Macaroons

Today Auntie had a medical scan scheduled in a hospital about an hour from home.  The friend who was supposed to take her got sick so I took the afternoon off work and away we went.  
It was a nice sunny day and there were several deer along the highway, finally venturing out from the snowy woodlands looking for food. Great day for a drive. 

But once we got to the hospital things didn't look so bright!  They informed us the machine was broken!   I had taken time off work and it looked like we were heading back home.  The technician was great and took pity on us.   (Probably because we both looked like we were about to burst into tears at the "broken" news). He said they had been tinkering with it and had it running again but couldn't guarantee it would function properly or even stay running but he agreed to try.  I crossed my fingers and toes and held my worked!  Auntie got her scan and the repair guys were waiting to take it apart as we left.   Whew!!

And the day ended with a sweet treat - a box of homemade French macaroons 

Almond Blueberry........yummmmmmm.    Happy Weekend!


  1. How did you not actually cry?!? Hope all is okay. Those do look yummy!

  2. Macarons... I love those things. Wish I knew how to make them!

  3. I can't believe they didn't call to let you know the machine was broken. So glad she was able to get her scans done so she wouldn't have to go back up there again on another day. It is very worrisome when you are scheduled for scans and it isn't something that you want to have to worry about after you've already worried about it! lol I've never had almond blueberry macarons. They look really good!

  4. Sorry about all the malfunction and the stress this has caused but happy that the machine worked for your auntie and I hope your auntie gets a good report.
    Sorry about your auntie needing a scan in the first place... you need some good news and I hope that you get it. You have been through enough lately.

    The macaroons looks good. I've never had macaroons like thoset I don't think.

    Hope your weekend goes smooth and relaxing.
    I gave up sweet for Lent....

  5. I don't think I have ever had a macaroon! French makes them sound ooo la lah!!! Glad the machine behaved for you two, don't want you to cry!

  6. Happy to hear that the machine worked! Macaroons....yum! Be blessed,Jen

  7. Your friend that left the comment about Captain Ahab, still has me laughing. I even woke up thinking about it.
    I think my day today will be like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
    I think those macaroons look wonderful. I hope you have another beautiful day.
    Happy Saturday!

  8. Hi Kim, so glad the machine worked,those cookies look soooooo good, enjoy, Blessings Francine.

  9. So glad the machine worked for Auntie! What a delicious sweet treat!

  10. Speaking from's a pain when the hospital stuff doesn't perform like it should. It's a pain for us, the employees, and we truly know it's a pain for patients. Glad it was OK for you two and it was a delicious ending to the day!

  11. Ewwwwww those macaroons look oh sooooooooooo yummy.