Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting reacquainted

It has been so long since I have hooked anything.  Since it was a storm day, I had no excuse so I dusted off my old faithful hook 

It feels great to have a project again.  I joined Deanne's pattern of the month club.  This is a peek at the March pattern.  

And after a few more loops were pulled.....

I was scared the April pattern would arrive before I started February or March.  I'm trying to hook as much as I can before the power goes out.  The snow is still falling, the wind is whipping it around and the lights occasionally flicker. 

Brrrrrrr. Just a quick post tonight.  


  1. It looks like you are in a mountain cabin in the middle of winter.
    Gosh, that is some storm.
    I love your pattern. What fun to get a pattern a month. Does that come with all of the wool too?

  2. I adore paisley designs of any kind - looks like you've gotten a good start on this one.....

  3. Good start to your rug, Kim. So happy you didn't have to go out in the storm.
    The only good thing about a March storm is that it usually doesn't stic around for too long...sigh. One can only hope, right?
    Hugs :)

  4. Your rug hooking is beautiful and even. Joining a club is a great way to keep motivated. Good for you!
    Have fun..Marg

  5. Love the colors of wool. Woke up to two inches of snow this morning, but it is gone now. Come on Spring.

  6. Don't forget to break for snacks!

  7. Glad you're hooking...and that design is great! Paisleys and pastels...yummy...perfect for spring. Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Love your colors! I hope you kept your lights through the night we saw a clip of reporters in your providence that got blown over from the wind.
    brrrr we had wind but not that bad and no snow!

  9. We survived the storm and high winds and today is sunny and still a bit windy but nothing like yesterday.

    I'm glad that you stayed home to hook. I did a bit of hooking last evening and it feels good.

    You are ambitious to have joined Deanne's pattern of the month club. That's a lot of hooking.

    Take care and stay safe and warm.

  10. I've got to learn how to rug hook. Stay warm