Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Calm down.....

Ok Mother Nature, calm the heck down!!  I don't know what her problem is this winter but she sure has her knickers in a twist!

The storm forecast for tomorrow is looking like a real doozy.  Maybe 40-50 cms of snow......Come On! It's supposed to be Spring.   

I've been to the store and done the obligatory "storm snack food" shopping.  Lots of Dr. Pepper, family size bag of potato chips, licorice, crackers, cheese (and wine).  Well, I won't be driving anywhere tomorrow so I might as well enjoy a glass of red, right? 

Everyone is getting a little fed up with all the snow.....

Everyone in the storm's path, hunker down and stay safe.  If you are not in the storm's path, please don't post pictures of tulips or spring blooms.  I might burst into tears.   Lol 


  1. Hi, Kim, don't know how much 40 cm's is, but it sounds like a lot. We had just a little snow squall for this storm this afternoon, but, boy is it cold again! I just got an email from the local nursery that their pansy sale is this week...hah! Surely this has to end soon...

  2. Surely this will be the last storm that Old Man Winter has for us! Take care! xo

  3. LOL! That snowman picture is the best! Wine is good for storms - it helps keep the body warm. ;) Stay warm and try not to go too crazy!

  4. That must be one of my cows torturing the snowman. I can't say that i blame her. It's been cold on cows udders this year.I was just telling my husband that they don't have fur to keep their teats warm in cold weather. Where is the grass indeed!

    You have all the essential for the storm.
    Stay safe and warm.

  5. Well enjoy your day if you can. You know maybe the weatherman is wrong.
    It does like a big storm. I hope it it your last.

  6. Kim ~
    Stay safe! Hope you get lots of hooking done on your new project.
    Like Melinda (she is at the opposite end of the state), we just got a quick squall this afternoon. I think this is the winter that will never end.
    Hugs :)

  7. Oh my goodness, that's a lot of snow! I'll try to wish it out to the ocean for you... but, if it does stay the path it's supposed to, it sounds like you've got all the right supplies! :-) You now have me wanting some licorice... mmmm.... black jelly beans! :-)

  8. Apparently the nor'easter is missing us, as it veered a bit, so now we are just going to get blustery cold and some flurries...hooray?

  9. I like your idea of storm food. Much better than bread, milk and peanut butter.

  10. We got a hit yesterday...only about 4in. The wind was crazy though! Today it was zero...no spring flowers around here! Stay safe and warm Kim.

  11. No tulips here but we dodge this storm yahoo. It is cold and blowing pretty hard so who knows about the power but no matter what I am still happy we didn't get the snow.