Monday, September 9, 2013

No Treats For You!

Do you remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld?  No soup for you!  Well that is what it was like here at the Funny Farm today.

First there was lunch.  We have our big meal of the day at noon on the weekdays.  It's not my choice or preference. It started before my time when my Grandfather worked long hours and wanted a big meal at noon because he often didn't get home until late.  And Auntie sees no reason to change even though Grandpa's been gone since the 70's!  She's not big on change. Lol. But since my lunch is cooked for me everyday, I should shut up, not complain and be grateful, right?  :)

Today we had mashed potatoes, fresh corn and steak.  Yumm.  Mom eats slow and often needs encouragement but she gets it done eventually.  But today both auntie and I were not paying close enough attention and all of a sudden we looked and Mom poured her cup of tea all over her plate - on purpose!! dessert for you!

Then at supper time, Millie was begging at the table (as usual) and apparently either wasn't get the attention she wanted or the type of food.  Maybe she smelled the leftover steak and felt the few pieces of cheese she was being offered was an insult.  There was a bark.....and then........she went over to the kitchen mat and started to squat!  Squat..... She never does that.  In lightening speed I grabbed her and tossed her out the door to finish what she started. treats for you.  

Geez, I wonder who is going to pull the next stunt?  There was way to much attitude happening around here today.  Oh yeah, it's Monday isn't it?


  1. Oh haha, that is so funny about Millie, there was some attitude going on around there today.
    I bet Millie looked up at you too just to show you who was boss.
    That is a very cute story today.

  2. Never a dull moment at your house for sure.
    loved that show.

  3. And it's not even a full moon!
    Hugs :)

  4. This is what you get for tossing her out in the rain... Payback! At least you always have some kind of entertainment! :)

  5. And it's only Monday. Hope the rest of the week is uneventful.

  6. let's hope we can blame it on a Monday...oh my, no treats, I don't think I could survive!

  7. Crazy day for you...Hope the rest of the days this week are less eventful.

  8. Definitely remember that Seinfeld episode! Hope the attitude improves around your place today!!!

  9. Bad attitude = no treats, more treats for you. Seriously though, it mustn't be a picnic for you or your Auntie to have to go through these difficult moments every days.
    Wishing you better days ahead.

  10. Miss Millie was definitely on a rant wasn't she? We all get out of sorts when we feel we're being ignored, I guess. Sometimes you need to move fast to catch a bad attitude before it starts. Here's to a better tomorrow!