Saturday, September 28, 2013

An opening and a new name

This morning was the official opening of Deanne Fitzpatricks new Electric Street Knitting Room.  When you walked in you were greeted by the huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers.   Sadly, this was the only photo I took but as you wandered around the corner to the new knitting room, that's where all the fun was.  There were lots of knitters scattered around and walls and shelves and baskets full of yarn.  Lots and lots of beautiful yarns.  It's great to see a local business woman succeed and expand her market. 

The other news is that I have changed the name of my Etsy store.  You can still access it from my sidebar on the right or search for Pleasant Hill Studio.


  1. Congratulations on the renaming of your Etsy shop. I hope that you sell a lot of your beautiful pillows and rugs.

    Deanne's new Electric Knitting Room looks very chic. I bet a lot of women are happy to knit there. Deanne is one busy entrepreneurial woman. I'm glad for her, never a dull moment in her life.

    Have a restful weekend,

  2. Oh I like the name of your new studio, you have a bunch of things in there. I love your banner too. It looks great. I bet you enjoyed yourself this morning. It looks great from your picture.

  3. That knitting room looks so nice and colorful!! Pleasant Hill is catchy, too!

  4. The knitting room looks lovely.
    Colorful and inviting.
    I like your new shop name...Pleasant Hill Studio. ;)

  5. Great new name for your shop! I'd sure love to visit Deanne's studio one day... I don't knit, but do crochet on occasion.

  6. Someday I hope I can learn how to knit. Like the new name of your shop!

  7. How lucky you got to be there! Fun im sure! Love you etsys new name,i will check it out!! Enjoy today!

  8. Pleasant Hill Studio! I like it!! Lots!!!

  9. Great new name! I really like that! So jealous of your local yarn store!