Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chats on the Porch


Patrice is recovering from her flu and is back with another edition of the Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.  I think all the weekly participants missed her last week but agree she deserves a little break once in awhile :) 

But we are glad she is back with this week's questions.  These blog linky's are a great way to get to know bloggers better and find new blogs we share things in common with. 

Here we go:

  1. Did you ever take piano lessons, as a child or adult?
Yes, I did take piano lessons for a few years as a child.  Looking back it is one of those things where your Mom knew best.  Yes Mom, now I am sorry I didn't stay with the lessons and practice more :( 
Don't you hate it when they were right??

2.   How many times do you eat out each month?

OK, this is one of those times that telling the truth is going to sound bad but here goes.... We probably have take-out once a week.  And maybe I eat in a restaurant twice a month.  OK, maybe 3 times.   Oh and before anyone jumps in here - I am not counting Friday Happy Hour with the girls ;)  That is a whole other category.

3.  If you could snap you fingers and change on thing about your appearance, what would that be?

I would drop 20 pounds and lose the muffin top that has mysteriously grown since hitting 40.   Then I could sell my Spanx on ebay  Lol

4.  Do you like looking at art or photography? Do you go to any place that displays them?

I do enjoy both.  I am far from an art expert but I do enjoy seeing how others view the world. 

5.  Do you have new things for your fall/ winter wardrobe?

Oh yeah!  I have that fab new camel coat that I cannot wait to wear (once the weather gets cooler) and there will probably be a new pair of boots added before long :)

Don't forget to visit the other participants and join in if you like.  Patrice always welcomes new chatters.


  1. I also like to go to art walks in some towns and look at what the locals are up to. There are a lot of artists out there.

  2. Like your answers, waiting, too for cooler weather.

  3. I enjoyed your answers because I got to know you better!

  4. Yes, I hate it when they are right, but it is a fact of life. The older we get, the more we realize that our parents did have brains in their heads after all. :)

    Have a great week!

  5. It's never too late to learn to play piano for your own enjoyment. My friend did late in life. It won't be long, you will be wearing your camel coat and your new boots. It's getting really cold these days.

  6. It's fun to get to know you better! I'm looking forward to cooler weather but I need to lose those 20lbs too before buying anything!

  7. piano (sigh)...never tried, but still regret giving up the violin

  8. I haven't bought anything new in a dogs age. we are headed to the 90s tomorrow so I guess all fall clothes will have to wait.

  9. I enjoyed your answers. Have a great week.

  10. Every time someone asks me what I want for (my Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc.) I always tell them "liposuction"... and each time they laugh... I keep hoping that one day they will take me seriously, because I'm tired of squishing that excess into my jeans! ;-)

  11. Good Morning Kim!

  12. Let me know if it works re. the muffin top and I'll try it too. LOL

  13. Hi honey
    I love these chats you do because I learn so much more about you.
    Don't feel bad about eating out believe me a of people I know eat out almost every day so your doing good.
    Hope your enjoying your week.

  14. New boots- yay! I love boots. I even tried to wear some this summer, but it wasn't pleasant with the hot weather. I enjoy looking at art too. Have a good week.