Thursday, November 8, 2012

Should I or shouldn't I??

I need some advice here folks. Every year at this time I am torn about what to do about a flu shot. I go back and forth, changing my mind about every hour.

The truth is, I'm not sure I believe in them. I believe we have a natural immune system that should not be messed with unnecessarily. All of this anti-bacterial stuff, and hand sanitizer gel everywhere - I fear it is weakening our natural immunity. And maybe taking these "flu shots" is further destroying our ability to fight on our own?

I just don't know. I am out in the public everyday. Moms condition is not the best and I worry about her getting the flu. It doesn't take much to knock her down. I would feel terrible if I passed on the flu to her. And her other health conditions complicate any infection.

So, herein lies my dilemma. Last year I caved at the last minute and got the shot.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Please.......

I have my doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon and he will be chomping at the bit to jab me.

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  1. Oh dear... I've fought with the same dilemma and I have been advised by my doctor to get the flu shot because I'm a high risk patient as she puts it because of my bout with cancer and my age. So I get my flu shot every fall. I got my flu shot today and my husband got his this evening.

    My son will not get his and one of my daughter can't get hers because of allergies to eggs.

    I think that our immune systems are already shot because of all the additives in our prepared food that we eat. There are so many chemicals in everything to prolong the shelf life of food. I read labels now on practically everything I buy and I'm buying less and less prepared food.
    I could be prolonging my life long enough to get run over by the garbage truck next Thursday. Hahaha.

    Only you can decide what is best for you. With the shot you can still get the flu but it's supposed to be less severe. Some people are probably better without getting the shot if their immune systems are strong. Mine isn't anymore.

    Sorry, I know that I'm no help to you. I didn't even felt the needle go in as this handsome pharmacist told me to just relax my arm and shoulder and in a blink it was all over.

    I hope that the Golden Girls don't get the flu.
    Hugs, JB

  2. I forgot to mention that It was worth it just to get this hunk to jab my shoulder, hahaha.
    I'm so old, I can say things like that and no one would take me seriously. JB

  3. I've never gotten a flu shot. If you decide to get one let us know if you have mild flu symptoms after. I've heard that...

  4. For your mom's sake get it. :)

    I have gotten it now for the past 7 years and I have gotten through the flu season well. I have not gotten it yet this season because I don't have the money. I have to try. I can't afford to be sick. Mel and my mom and sis need me.

    I don't know if it bothers your immune system but this flu is not the same every season. If we are fine without the shot one year. We could get sick or worse without it from the new strain of flu the next. Better to get it I think. :)

    Take care my friend, Janet W ((hugs))

  5. Kim ~
    For your mom and auntie's sake, I would say to get it. No sense in risking it. Growing up my mom always said you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die and I think being overly cautious with dirt and germs is not necessarily good as you have pointed out.
    Do what you feel is best for you and the Golden Girls.
    Hugs :)

  6. No question about it. Get the flu shot as soon as possible.

  7. When I worked at preschool my doctor pretty much jabbed me without asking...and my colds those two years were the worst ever (but that could've been due to the little lovelies as well)...such a tough call! I suppose many would find me to be a bad mother that my kids have never gotten the flu shot (but luckily there are a few other parents who haven't either)...good luck!

  8. I personally think that we need to build up our immune systems when we get sick from things like the flu. There are so many different side effects from that shot that I'm more scared of those than getting the flu. I will say that 8 years ago when I got the flu I had just had a baby that was 5 months old. I woke up feeling so bad I had my husband take me to the heath plus and got the medicine to combat it. I was better the next day. Still not up to par but I was better than the first day. Then when the avian flu was a big deal and they were saying they didn't have enough medicine for everyone and people were dying. I did some google searches to find out what the old people did 100 years ago. I discovered that Echinaecea with Goldenseal was one of their remedies. I bought a bottle from Rite Aid, the GNC brand. I'm thinking it was 3 years ago I woke up and felt like I had the flu. I took my first dose of that and within and hour I was better! Now when I get my first cold type symptom I go straight for the Echineacea with the Goldenseal and it kicks it every time. Do some google searches and see what you think about it and if it is safe for you to take. People with allergies to the echinaecea shouldn't take it.

  9. I'm allergic to them so I have to rely on others to get them to help protect me. I would if I could though. My husband has had the flu twice and it is horrible.

  10. I broke down this year and got a whooping cough(tetanus and diphtheria mixed in) shot cause it is all over here in Missouri. I didn't want no whoopin'! I passed on the flu shot. Never had one and like you couldn't decide yes or no.I am allergic to thimerasol, a preservative used in some flu vaccine.

  11. Kim, I am completely with on too many things to hurt our immune systems. However, every year thousands of people die from the flu. Those with any type of chronic illness, the elderly and the very young are the most at risk. So, young or old and also having a chronic illness put you even more at risk. To me, that is worth the flu shot even if you have some side effects from it. I had a local reaction to mine this year and my arm really hurt. I had to use an ice pack and take tylenol. But, that is way better than dying from the flu.


  12. Hi Kim, If your around the public you should get one.HUgs Cheri

  13. We haven't gotten our flu shots in probably over a decade and we've never had an issue. We might get the sniffles, but never anything severe. On the other hand, every person we know who gets the flu shot is nastily sick multiple times over the season.... It's still up to you, but if you chose to forgo it then just make sure you are eating your fruits and veggies, whole foods, stay away from lots of sugar as it weakens your body, and a vitamin C supplement every now and then couldn't hurt. ;)

  14. Unfortunately we don't get flu shots because hubby and I are allergic to eggs which is the bases for the shot. If you got it last year and it didn't hurt I would aay get it this year too.

  15. I never get the flu shot. I get hounded every year from the nursing dept...I work in surgery..and I turn down the free offer. But that's my choice. I haven't called in sick for about 3yrs and the last time I did call in I was faking! Everyone that has had the shot in our dept. has gotten sick or is coughing and snotty. I see my Doc on monday for the annual harassment visit..flu shot? Me:NO Shingles shot? Me:NO...and on and on. Maybe I should call in sick to the office visit?

  16. I am too late - but I hope you did it. sandie

  17. From someone living with an immune supprested person get it.
    You could get the flu and be ok but it is who you are passing it on to.We both got it.

  18. I work in a elementary school and you know I would be a sitting duck without my flu shot. There is nothing as bad as school germs. I have never had a problem.