Friday, November 23, 2012

Do not disturb.....

I wish I had a sign like this to hang around my neck sometimes. But it looks like tonight I can just sit and hook. No commitments, no distractions (I hope). I haven't touched my frame since Sunday.

I am hoping this rug will be a Christmas present so I better get moving. After I finish the plaid border I think I need to add a few more elements to the design. Not sure yet if it will work, so stay tuned.

Today our little downtown was hopping. I love looking out my office window and seeing people coming and going. We "borrowed" an American tradition - Black Friday. Stores decorated, promoted and best of all, offered great sales. And judging by my window view and a brief foray into a few stores on my lunch hour - it was a booming success. I didn't have much time but I did put a few items on hold to go back and get tomorrow.


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  1. I had to work today also so not shopping for me.
    It sounds nice to sit and hook.
    I am coming right along on my rug.
    enjoy your evening.

  2. You are such a good hooker. :) I love how even your loops are and I totally love that red!! It looks like a really nice rug in progress. I need to pick up my hook now that the house is finally quiet. :) Have a great Friday night.

  3. I wish I could put one of those signs around my neck as well...that is so cute. I really like the mix of colors on your border...very nice. I've never done any hooking but I'm getting intrigued with it. Can't wait to see the finished product. Happy Hooking.

  4. To the happy hooker. From a happy hooker - I crochet however I have also hooked a few rugs in my time. Yours looks good. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

  5. Kim,
    Seems like forever since we "talked"! I have been blogging very sporadically since the open house! It is nice to get some uninterrupted time to hook...... it finally happened here the last couple of days..... in fact after I send you this comment I'm getting off here and back to my rug! The Blk. Friday thing here is almost absurd at times...... but maybe it helps the economy?? Enjoy hooking your rug..... it is coming along very nicely and someone is going to get a very lovely present!!!
    Cathy G

  6. Looking good so far!
    Can't wait to see the whole rug.
    Oh no, the Black Friday tradition is spreading. I hope it doesn't get as crazy in your area as it is around here. People are maniacs when it comes to bargains!

  7. I have never, ever, ever shopped on Black Friday. Too scary.

  8. Kim ~
    I haven't picked up the hook in a week and a half and I believe I'm having withdrawal symptoms.
    I don't go near a store on Black Friday but I did stop at the Dollar General this evening for some light bulbs. I don't think that counts!
    Hugs :)

  9. Hello Kim, love the rug so far, why, you shouldn`t have....LOL!!!! I know you didn`t......We had Black Friday here in Winnipeg to, not for me......Blessings Francine.

  10. Hi Kim, I see your rug is coming along quite nicely. You know, I have never participated in Black Friday, to much craziness for this old gal. I do admit I have been spending way to much time and money at the toy store. But, oh, I am enjoying every minute! Hugs from Maine, Julie

  11. Kim, your rug is coming along nicely and I love the colors you're working with.
    Your hoops are so even.
    That BLACK FRIDAY IS EVERYWHERE but it didn't bring me out to shop because I hate large crazy crowds of shoppers. Why people need so much stuff is beyond me....
    I did a wee bit of hooking last evening but I wasn't pleased with how my hooking was going.
    This evening I've been cleaning house instead.


  12. The rug is going to be beautiful! Good job!

  13. I don't participate in Black Friday. The deals are great, but the traffic and lines are horrendous. I only end up frustrated. Your rug is coming along nicely.

  14. Yes. It seems the creating time gets pushed to the back burner a little too often. Looks like your mat is hooking up great! I took care of some errands up the road yesterday.... but stayed clear of areas with malls... a little bit too much "hustle and bustle" on Black Fridays for me... lol!

  15. im hopeing too to be busy crafting this cold non busy weekend. i need to lock the door tho in case angie comes over... hard to hide things fast! glad you got out to set a few good buys on hold! the holidays are fast approaching... enjoy your weekend!!

  16. I worked on Black Friday and I'm on call this weekend so I probably won't be doing any shopping on Saturday either! I could have gone on Thanksgiving night since all the stores decided to ramp it up and start on what I'm calling: "Charcoal Thursday"...they all deserve a lump of coal for making their workers give up the holiday! Enjoy your quiet time!

  17. In Michigan, Black Friday started on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) instead! I don't care for that - and I've never been one for going out looking for traffic jams and fighting mobs that are scrambling for deals. I stay away from the hub-bub. To us, that is not the REASON for the SEASON....

  18. Hi Kim,I haven't been hooking just knitting.You have a room with a view. I hate Christmas shopping starting so early. I wait til the last minute. Hugs Cheri

  19. No Black Friday shopping here. I had my granddaughters, but it wouldn't have mattered ... I refuse to be a part of the mayhem that is also known as Black Friday. ;-)

    That rug looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product.