Friday, August 19, 2011

A Simple Day

Sometimes the best days are so simple.  I took the afternoon off work.  Since I got called into work for a few hours while I was on vacation, and the sun was shining, I needed to do something - for me. 

It is amazing what a few days of sunshine in a row can do for a person's mood.   This is only the 2nd time this summer that we have had 3 nice days in a row.

We went for a drive to Parrsboro, through the countryside.  No need to hurry, no schedule, and no dramas. 

We arriving at the restaurant for lunch,  and as we walked in the door a table at the back was wildly waving.  It was my cousin and her husband.  They were playing hooky for the afternoon too.  We had a little catch-up chat.  We live in the same town and rarely bump into each other. 

After lunch we headed to our favorite little boutique.  I started my Christmas shopping.  (I know, its shocking!)  In fact, I really started last week when I purchased gifts for 3 people.  I'm so proud of myself.    Today I added 2 more Christmas gifts and a birthday gift for a friend in September.   The owner was laughing at me, because she said "this is the first time you haven't bought a piece of jewellry for yourself."  It is true.  But........Shhhhhh - I pointed out a necklace I liked to Auntie and I saw her later slip it to Joan to wrap up.  Merry Christmas to me!   Hehehehe  But I didn't let on I saw any of this.  I will be so surprised when I open it.  Lol

On the way home we stopped at a new little market that sells fruit, veggies, baking, crafts etc.   I bought some beautiful yellow string beans for supper.  Since we were parked right in front, I left Mom in the car.  After a couple minutes a woman came out of the building.  It was an old friend of mine I hadn't seen in a long time.  She always loved Mom.   Before I knew it she had the car door open and was kneeling on the pavement having a chat with Mom.   Poor Mom doesn't really talk anymore but my friend carried the conversation.  I just stood back and watched for a minutes.   It made me happy.    And I could tell by the look on my friends face that it made her happy to see Mom too.

It was such a simple day but it was so pleasant.  I don't know why, but I seem to get so touched when people show special kindness to Mom. 

A great day. 


  1. What a nice day. It chokes me up that that lady was so kind to your Mom. That is just such a sweet, sweet thing.
    I am so proud of you for doing your Christmas shopping in December. That is awesome.
    I am glad about your secret too.
    That will be nice to open come Christmas.
    I am so happy too that you have had 3 days of sunshine.
    I hope you have some more of the same tomorrow.

  2. Kim, The kindness of people to the ones we love takes a little bit off our shoulders. What a special moment!The reason why I think it touches you deeply is possibly because for a moment someone else is in her world and yours and your moms happy. Cheri

  3. Simple uncomplicated days are my favorite kind. I only wish they were all that way. Sadly, daily life is anything but simple.

  4. I absolutely love days like that - nothing really planned and yet the day unfolds so beautifully. I liked the story of your friend with your mom - I'm always touched when people go out of their way to be so kind. And you get Christmas "surprises" like I do - through hints big and small, and then I act very surprised when I open it.

  5. Kim, I'm so glad that you had a great day and for the kindness shown to your mom. It's very evident that you love your mom very much. God bless.

    Oh you are so far ahead of me on Christmas shopping. JB

  6. Ok, you are light years ahead of me with the Christmas shopping! My son's birthday is the 30th and I'm still trying to tease out from him what he wants. I love days like you've described. I also love those farm stands. Your friend was so sweet to take the time to visit with your Mom. I love hearing things like that...loving and kind gestures from others. Enjoy your sunshine...I hope it stays through the weekend for you!

  7. What a nice day you had! I'm jealous of your early Christmas start. I'm always the last minute gal! If you're anything like me, you'll will actually forget about the gift your Aunt purchased and truly will be surprised! It's nice when someone takes the time to do a kindness. It really is such a simple act to be nice, why can't the whole world do it? I hope your weekend is as pleasant.

  8. A beautiful day is always made better by good friends and family! Looks like you had perfect timing! What a great afternoon!

  9. Kim ~
    What a great post. You've brought a tear to my ear with the story about your mom. How special!
    Simple days are the best. Too bad they are so few and far between...sigh.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. So glad you had a perfect "you" day - and somehow, even though your mom may not have spoken, she was truly an active part of the conversation with your friend...You know the saying..."it's nice to be important, but so much more important to be nice!" And how wonderful that Auntie purchased that necklace - now when you finally get it, you can remember the day and its warmth every time you wear it! And knock off the Christmas shopping stuff....I don't want to hear it...every year I wait till the last minute and run around like a crazy crow and saying next year will be different...but it's always a horrid rerun! Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Someone once told me something about being kind to others. They said " A little kindness never killed anyone." A saying that we all should live by. I like to think I try. Some days of course are easier than others. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.