Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheaper than therapy

Why spend thousands of dollars to some wacky therapist when a couple of hours at the hair salon will do the trick? 

Two hours of girl talk, laughter, and maybe a little harmless gossip is good for the soul. 

My history in Brenda's chair goes way back.  I started going to her when I was in high school, so you know that was awhile ago. 

I've had several "brief affairs" with other hair stylists over the years but I am always drawn back to Brenda.  We have a history.  Together we have been through bad cuts, worse color experiments and a nasty incident with my bangs and some wayward scissors that although happened over 10 years ago, we still talk about. was that bad!   We are friends.  And she has that dark and twisty sense of humour that matches mine.  I look forward to our "therapy" sessions every 5  weeks. 

I am making a little progress on my rug.   I want to get it over with.  Not sure why I thought about hooking a snowman/winter scene in August?   I think it will be a Christmas gift, so I will be happy in December that I won't be rushed on a deadline. But right now, it's bugging me. 

 The snowflakes are being a pain.  I have tried yarn and it looked terrible and then tried several different smaller cut sizes.  They are still not the way I want but I only have the patience to fuss for so long then I have to move on.   I think they will be OK when it is all hooked.  I'll re-assess them later.

P.S.  I'm over the Mad Cow episode and all the other staff survived!


  1. I always have my kids with me when I get my hair cut so no therapy sessions for me! lol I also only get my hair cut maybe twice a year if that.

    Your rug is cute! I love Christmas! Would you think I was crazy if I told you I'm already decorating for Fall? Yep, I am! lol My son wanted to do it and brought down a bunch of stuff from upstairs.

    Have a Great Day!

  2. Your rug looks cute. It is so hot today.A Christmas rug looks like a good choice to work on.

  3. I loved my old hairdresser. I miss her. We had the same sense of humor too...and she was a great audience for my funny stories. Now, I have a new "therapist" and she's about 22 with a tongue ring. She's nice...but it's not the same. And boy, do I feel old!

  4. I love when I get my color, cut and blow dry. My stylist could blow dry hair for the stars. When I leave there my hair is soft, shiny and smooth. I go every four weeks for a color and get a cut every other time. I think your rug looks pretty!!

  5. Come Dec. you're gonna be so happy you hooked your snowman rug! I have a hard time working on things out of season though and I think it effects the outcome of my project somewhat when I'm not in the mood for what I'm hooking!
    Those sessions with the hairdresser are priceless and sounds like you have a very good friend!
    Cathy G

  6. How lucky you are to have a soul mate hair dresser friend that goes way back.

    I've had a few great hairdressers who did a great job on my hair and others who almost made me cry with terrible hair cuts. The good one moved away and the bad one stayed.

    When I was raising my own kids, money was very tight and I went to the library to borrow a book on how to cut hair. I cut all my kids and husband's hair and even my own for years.

    I got so busy with my greenware manufacturing business that I didn't had time to cut anybody's hair anymore except mine when I couldn't do anything with it anymore.

    Your snowman rug looks great and also your snowflakes. My rug is all rolled up waiting for me. JB

  7. I love that kind of therapy session. I might need one too. It always changes my outlook on life.
    I really like your rug and I think it looks happy and bright.
    I don't see any problems with the snowflakes. They look really nice.

  8. Usually going to a hairstylist makes me wish I had gone to the therapist! I always have to sneak out to the car and 'fix' my hair before I can let anyone see what they did to me. Now I cut my own with Zip hacking away at the back where I can't reach. Is that why I always look like Einstein's mother???
    I love the way your rug looks. Your hooking is so nice and even! The snowflakes look fine to me.

  9. I used to have a great hair person - then she got married (on the same day I did!) and moved away....Finally found another who "got it" and she retired (no...I'm not THAT old!) - Found another I was finally breaking in and she moved to Florida with her beau....Now I need a therapist after going to my hairdresser!! YIKES!!! Your little Christmas rug is looking sweet....I happen to love your flakes!! Think you will too when you finish it up....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Oh, I know exactly what you mean about the hair salon. There is not a better treat than to have someone wash your hair and massage your scalp. Heaven... I wish I could get away with every 5 weeks, but my gray is screaming at 4. But since my dad went gray at 30 I consider myself lucky.
    Love your rug - how cute is that? Someone is going to be very lucky...

  11. I have a very hard time with stars too. I think yours look good!

  12. The rug is cute! Wreaths on a door are always so welcoming! I was trying the winter in August thing... but I REALLY want to work on some fall stuff... we'll see what wins the "battle" this weekend... lol! Any kind of salon treat is pure decadence! :-)

  13. Nothing like a few hours at a salon with a sympathic hair dresser - certainly better than a lie on the couch! Glad the Mad Cow passed away!