Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boredom breeds productivity

It's not something I say very often but today I was bored.  Too much talk of Irene for days and I have been glued to the news reports on the storm all weekend.   Why?  Who knows. 

I spent a lot of the day on-line with family in Vermont and Massachusetts.  They are OK.  Some minor problems with their homes and properties but nothing too bad.  It was humid and calm here all day with rain on and off.  The wind is starting to pick up now but Irene has pretty much tired herself out by the time she passes over us later tonight.

As I said, the boredom led to lots of munching.  Good thing the major storm threat has passed because I have eaten through most of my emergency junk food.  I even sampled some of the emergency bottle of wine this afternoon :)   Well........I was bored.

It got so bad that I resorted to finishing the snowman rug AND I even whipped it.   Now you know it was bad because I hate whipping and finishing the rugs.

Now that I look at the picture, I notice a wonky snowflake.  It was one of the first experimental ones and it appears I forgot to re-work it.  Hmmmm, maybe the recipient won't notice???


  1. I think it is beautiful and they should feel lucky to get it!

  2. Hi Kim, It looks great! I too have been on Hurricane watch and I am on the west coast. It was a relaxing day just finished watching an old black and white Sherlock Holmes movie. Have good week, Cheri

  3. I think it turned out great. So glad you found out something to do. I am still laughing at the junk food.
    Well, that is it some wind and rain?
    Well, I hope tomorrow is a nice day.
    Glad you aren't bored anymore.

  4. The snowman rug looks great! It's a cute design and you hooked it so well.
    Probably a good thing you ate the emergency snacky stuff, you wouldn't want it to go stale before the next big storm comes along!

  5. Hey Kim, your snowman rug looks fantastic and I dig your background. I love this design. What are you talking about, a wonky snowflake? They all, look great to me, anyway no two snowflakes should look alike.

    When you mentioned junk food I made a dash for the bag of chips. Now you made me do it, you naughty girl.

    It's still raining hard on and off here. My granddaughter reported high winds in her area not very far from here. So far we've had no high winds.

    Hugs, JB

  6. Kim ~
    I'm so glad you had those emergency bottles of wine. You're my kind of hooker . . . lol!
    I think the rug looks great!!! You must have been really bored to already have whipped it. Can I send you a few rugs to finish since you are on a roll?
    Pug hugs :)

  7. I'm glad that Irene won't be that much of a storm when it passes by your house tonight!

    Your rug looks wonderful! I'm sure whoever you give it to will be thrilled to have it!

    Have a Great Week!

  8. Now, that is a dang sweet rug....Hmmmm....maybe I hit my emergency supply of wine too hard (YEAH - so we're not in the path - she could change directions you know!!), but I'm not seeing which snowflake you think is wonky.....they're all supposed to be a little different, aren't they?? That snowman is adorable!! Glad you're safe - I was thinking and praying about you....Good girl on the finishing!! Looks great!! Lucky, lucky, giftee!!! (Better restock your emergency supplies in case Irene backtracks or something!!) Smiles & Hugs & Wishes for a Wonderful Week! Robin

  9. Huh - which one is wonky? Super cute rug and anyone would be lucky to get it! Now go out and replenish your emergency supplies. My daughter is in Worcester MA and she wasn't too bothered with Irene. She'd seen worse when they lived in Puerto Rico. Glad you were safe!

  10. That is a really cute rug! I like the snowflakes a little wonky although I don't see which one it is so I'm sure the recipient won't either! They are gonna LOVE it!!
    It's funny how wine and spirits must be part of everyone's hurricane emergency preps..... I heard in New York everything closed down except for the bars and liquor stores! LOL!
    Better restock before the next one!
    Cathy G

  11. I laughed and laughed when I read your post.

  12. I love that you have an emergency bottle of wine. you rug makes me shiver I am not ready for snow but that is sure cute.

  13. Love the rug!!! I think ALL the stars look great!

  14. I really like your rug and I learned a long time ago that no two snowflakes are ever alike. I also ate my way through Irene. When I start back to work on Thursday I'll do better with my diet.

  15. I love it! And you are definitely my kind of gal... emergency junk food! I only have emergency beans, oats, rice, grain, salt, oil, and canned vegies... I know myself too well. There is no such thing as emergency junk food. Junk food is something that is eaten right away. Otherwise it just haunts and torments you until it is gone!

    I do on the other hand have emergency coffee. But I'm sure that counts as comfort food, not junk food. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. A great post! And BTW, there is no such thing as a wonky snowflake. Didn't your mother tell you there are no two alike!!!! I love the little mat - it's so sweet and the expression on the snow man is like a little kid.

  17. Cute rug! I love the snowman and I sure don't notice any crazy flakes...except the one that looks back at me every day in my mirror! Glad the storm has passed by with no damage except to your emergency's good to rotate your stock anyway!

  18. I love your rug...but I'm so not ready for snow! I laughed when I read about your emergency wine. I was in the grocery store before the storm, stocking up, and had several gallons of water, a case of beer, and bottles of wine. A gentleman passed by my carriage and actually chuckled! I thought I'd hit the necessities rather nicely. I followed up with cat and dog food! I'm glad you're safe. We lost power for about 26 hours which was far too long for a house with a well! But, now, I've showered and feel great!
    Have a good one!