Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend travels

Another busy few days have come to an end.  The fun (not) started Friday.  Remember the "no free lunch guy" from last summer?  Well, he is back again and we had to all go out to dinner with him Friday night.  I dreaded it all Friday - it hung over me like a storm cloud.  You can read about last years dinner with him here.    This years version was just as not-fun.    The only good thing is that it is over for another year.

Then I had planned to take the Golden Girls and the Vermont crew on a road trip Saturday.    They only have one week left so I am trying to squeeze everything in.  Not sure how the first 3 weeks flew by so quickly.  Anyway I picked everyone up and we planned on touring the Sunrise Trail and stopping into all the little villages, shopping etc.  It ended up being the hottest day so far this year.  It was deadly. 

One bright spot in the day was a visit to the Jost Vineyards.  
I just realized I didn't take any photos inside the chalet, so I guess that means I will have to go back again.  Hehehe    We did pick up a few bottles and tasted a sample before we left.  It is a beautiful spot.  Unfortunately Saturday it was just to hot to spend alot of time outside.

We ended on a high-note with dinner at the Sandpiper Restaurant in Port Howe.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and declare that they serve the BEST fried clams in the world. 

Today was a bit cooler and I spent the day at the beach.  It was an almost perfect day - bright sun and a cool breeze.  I got settled in with a book and Bud Light and enjoyed the afternoon.  

But I once again fell prey to the zero-gravity chair.  As soon as I recline, you can guarantee that I will be asleep in 10 minutes or less.    Yup, woke up in time for supper.......with a sunburn.   They should install some kind of alarm on those chairs. 

(Six more sleeps til vacation!!)


  1. Kim ~
    Today sounds like a perfect day ~ except for the sunburn part. I hope it's not too bad.
    Hugs :)

  2. I was wondering about what you have been doing. I hope you didn't get to badly sunburned. I just loved your story, if you can believe it we had not yet met when that episode happened.
    I am so happy you get to go on vacation in "six more sleeps."
    I guess I am not familiar with a zero gravity chair. It sounds heavenly.
    So glad to get caught up.
    I hope you have a very nice week.

  3. Oh it is wonderful to fall asleep in the sun just need to turn over now and then. have a great week.

  4. You are such a busy little bee....The vineyard tour looks fun - gorgeous flowers there!! And, ahh...a zero-gravity chair....I have been so tempted to buy one, but I have to find some kind of anchor for it or it will end up in Oz with the first good wind (which would before I managed to get a sunburn in it!!) Fried clams??? I've never had them - but they sound interesting (ok, you got me with anything "fried!") Have a great week!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I went back and read the first episode...funny story! Sometimes eating out is more trouble than it's worth! The day at the beach sounds lovely...except the sunburn part! Sounds good that vacation is coming soon for you!

  6. Oh ouch! I love those chairs though!!

  7. Wasn't the heat unbearable. We stayed in doors for most of the week. I think everyone falls prey to the zero gravity chair. I'm off to read your post on the Friday lunch.

  8. The planters at the winery are just lovely!
    Oh my, it's nice to have visitors but sometimes it's even nicer to see them leave. At least it's only once a year.
    Hope the sunburn isn't too bad!

  9. Sunshine and beer...the perfect thing to put me to sleep! I'm curious about your summer weather in it always hot in the summers, or is it because this is just an extreme year? I'm curious. Does it last for long? When you say hot, what temps are average? Sorry for the quiz!!! I am just very interested in your part of the world...

  10. The Jost Vinyards! Right up my alley,ummm country drive!