Friday, July 8, 2011

I wish.....(a beach lesson learned)

I have not been a faithful blogger lately.  I have been busy with company etc, so I have not been keeping up with all of you - but I will eventually get caught up. 

It has been HOT (not complaining yet....but soon)  AND the Air Conditioning unit at work has died.  It has been 2 days and its getting pretty yucky up here.

I have been racing out to the beach every day to visit with the family.  At precisely 4:01pm you will see my car zipping out of the parking lot and heading for Amherst Shore.

I arrived yesterday and grabbed an old tank top and shorts from the back seat and flew into the over-heated cottage announcing "I gotta remove all unnecessary clothing"  Hehehe    This is probably a good time to tell you that it is customary to "relax" here in Nova Scotia cottage country.  There are no requirements to be fashionable.  However............well, I'll get to that in a minute.

I had an OK pair of shorts and a thin little black tank top.   (The "thin" part will be important soon)   After supper and a cold Bud Light, Mary and I decided to see if the tide was out enough to walk on the sand flats.  Nobody was around so away we went.

We just get to the edge of the property when the next door neighbors appear - a lovely couple from Ontario who built a summer "mansion" a few years ago.   So they run out, all hugs and kisses, lets catch up on all the news. 

So the husband latches on to me and wants to talk about all the new Capital Construction Projects the town is doing etc etc.    I can't escape.  I'm starting to panic.   Hmmmmmm, are you all thinking what I'm thinking??

WHY did I remove ALL UNNECESSARY clothing (aka BRA) and put on a paper thin tank top??????

  I was trapped for a half hour.   I honestly do not remember what I said to him or how I answered all his questions.   All I could think of was that I was learning a valuable lesson...........always wear a bra.




    I'm sure the guy enjoyed it!!!

  2. I love that saying on that shirt in the picture. Oh, my gosh that is so funny! I hate when that stuff happens and you know it always does.
    It must be the rule in the cosmos, no bra, people showing up unannounced.
    I am glad though you are still getting to go out and go to the beach.
    It sounds wonderful.

  3. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Kim awkward.Lol
    great post so funny. Cheri

  4. Hahaha!!! I'm laughing so hard my brains are shaking!
    Yep, it happens every time. State of 'relaxation' = unexpected embarrasment! And it's really hard to keep up a conversation when that's all you're thinking about!
    Thanks for making my day!!!

  5. Yeah, I'm snickering---that's just too funny!
    I'm loving that t shirt!

  6. Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing!!!

  7. Good gosh you are hysterical! A bra is the only way that I actually have a bosom. Otherwise...things just kind of give up! Doesn't it feel like there are becoming more fashion "don'ts" as life goes on? Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Boy, is this a topic that hits home!!! Those of us from the sixties, who spent a good many years going bra-less never ever dreamed the day would come when we'd be seeing our girls down around our waists and being embarrassed to be caught in public as you I totally love your story, because the first thing I rip off, the moment I'm out of public, is that hideous contraption!

  9. now miss Kim why do you think he stood there and talked so long:)
    oh the things we do for comfort

  10. just wasted 1/2 a glass of perfectly good Chardonnay as I snorted it all over!! :o) (It IS happy hour here!!) Love it!! And, obviously, so did Mr. Neighbor....or he wouldn't have trapped you for so long! Thanks for the giggles (but you owe me some Chardonnay...) Smiles & hugs ~ Robin

  11. Kim, it's OK. Boobs were invented way before the bras.

    But I can see how you would be self-conscious and uncomfortable with this guy hanging on to you for so long.

    I love your story and laughed too but I managed to swallow my mouthful of beer without spitting a drop.

    It kind of reminded me of being at a gathering without my prosthesis last winter, lol...
    Have a restful weekend. Hugs. JB

  12. This is so funny! I bet Mr. Neighbor didn't hear or remember any of the answers to his questions either! Your part of the world sounds so lovely and the pics you've shown make it look like a place I'd like to visit someday. I'm putting it on my bucket list along with visiting Maine someday! Have a great weekend. (no matter what you choose to wear)

  13. Kim ~
    You always make us laugh. Thank you!
    Pug hugs :)

  14. You are a faithful blogger, because you always come back to us.
    I bet Mr. Neighbor Husband can't remember what he said to you either. His mind wasn't hearing what he was saying.
    Too funny

  15. I love Katie's observation ~ she's probably spot on!! Good story, friend!!!