Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogiversary Giveaway

Today is my Blogiversary.  I can hardly believe it has been 2 years ago today since I hesitantly published that very first post.

I remember how excited I was when I received my first comment.  It was from Julie at the blog Hookworm who also became my first follower.  And 2 years later, she is still with me.  What a brave soul!  Lol  Thanks Julie!

So since then it has been 412 posts, 108 followers, and over 3700 comments.  (I think the comments are my favorite part.  You all make me laugh)   Who would have thought??   And last but certainly not least, the number of friendships that have been forged through this medium.  Very cool!

So to celebrate all this I thought we should have a GIVEAWAY

Here are the simple rules

1.  Leave me a comment on this post for 1 entry
2.  Mention this giveaway on your blog and get a 2nd entry.
3.  Post on your sidebar for a third entry.
4.  Tell me in your comment what you have done so I make sure not to cheat you an extra entry.

This is open to followers only - but new followers are welcome and will be included.  Due to shipping costs this is only open to residents of Canada or the United States.

BONUS -  If a current follower refers me a new follower they will get a BONUS entry.  So if you are a new follower, please tell me how you found me.

Hmmmm, bet you are wondering what you will win.    Well.......its not finished yet  BUT I can show you what it look like.   Remember the new project materials I bought the other day?  Well I am making one of you another Starfish mat like this one I finished last year.

So I'm hoping you all like Starfish and I get lots and lots of entries.  That is half the fun of a giveaway.  I'll make the drawing a week from tonight.

And one more thing.........


  1. Kim, Congratulations I am so glad you became a blogger your wit and humor have given me a chuckle when I have needed it. Hugs Cheri

  2. Kim ~
    412 posts in 2 years. That's a lot of blogging. I went and read your first post. Right on ~ you are very chatty and have the most wonderful sense of humor. I look forward to your posts.
    I would be delighted to be entered in your give-away.
    Big pug hugs :)

  3. I felt the same way when I first started blogging. I'm so glad we became blogging friends! And you understand what I go through taking care of my dad.

  4. Kim ~ darling! I have the perfect place for that starfish pillow ~ really ~ the perfect place!! Wow! You have posted a lot ~ I'm not as faithful as you ~ I love your posts and love your spirit!! Blog on, girlfriend!! And 'cheers' to you!!

  5. Congratulations Kim! Keep those blog posts coming. Very cute pillow, love the starfish design. Hope you and the Golden Girls are enjoying this hot, humid, summer weather! Hugs, Julie.

  6. Well congrats to you! I also love the comments and enjoy reading all the super blogs out there. I'm glad I found yours and I'm looking forward to many more fun years together!

  7. Wow so many posts. Keep the humor coming. Looking forward to many enjoyable visits. The starfish is gorgeous!!!

  8. Happy Blogiversary!!!
    I love your sense of humor and the wonderful personality you bring to your blog.
    Keep those posts coming!

  9. Happy Blogiversary!!! I love that starfish pillow... all the goodies you bought the other day are going to make another fabulous one! Looking forward to seeing it!

  10. Happy Blogiversary. Your blog is a delight and your sense of humor is spot on! I am always guaranteed a laugh or a chuckle when I come for a visit. Love the pillow!!
    Count me in.

  11. Hi Kim

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I have enjoyed your blog very much. You feel like a dear friend and hopefully, we will get together on my way by NS in the near future!


  12. Happy Blogiversary!!! Enjoy reading your posts. And I would love to have the Star Fish mat. Your pillow turned out terrific.


  13. Enjoy your blog so much, so keep blogging! Your blogging contributes to the family of rug hookers that unite by blogging. We enjoy!


  14. Well you know how I found you? I would go to Julie of Dog Trot and she had won a giveaway that you had and I love all of the goodies she showed. Not to mention I loved all of the people she had in her sidebar. But then you did your post about wearing white after Labor Day and I was hooked. You made me laugh and I had been thinking about that as I went somewhere and I wondered if anyone followed those rules.
    Not to mention I love all of your hooking and so it was just so awesome to get to be friends.
    You have already sent me so much you don't have to enter me. You are such a giver Kim.
    I just am glad you started blogging. Happy Two years!!!

  15. You are a faithful blogger, Kim..wish I were so devoted..I always like to read your blogs...a little chuckle when I need one...which is fairly often, I might add...keep up the good those wools you have showing in one of your posts....

  16. Are family members eligible? I have really enjoyed getting to know you better through the blog :-)

  17. Congratulations Kim! Your blog has kept us enlightened through bad times and good! Great blogging my friend! Would be honored to win a piece of your wonderful hooking! I am crossing my fingers and toes!
    Cathy G

  18. Well Kim! Happy Happy Blogaversary!! Sorry I am late. I remember when I first found your blog, thru Julie at Dog Trot and I thought and still think that you have the best funny! Oh yeah there is some serious stuff, some sad stuff and some stuff that we all just got to get off our chest. I love coming to visit here so keep on blogging!Please!! The Starfish design pillow is darling :)

  19. Happiest of blogiversaries my dear Miss Kim!!! I've only known you a brief 5 months of those 2 years, but I've enjoyed every single minute of it....You are such a gift, girl....You know I'm a follower (and a happy-to-be-one at that!) and I have posted your giveaway to my sidebar....If I get around to doing an actual post, I'll come back and let you know....I'm just running behind these days....(Go figure!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. Hi Kim,
    I think I have been a follower forever ... just not a very good one ... However, I do read at least 3x a week at work. Shhhh, don't tell anybody ...
    Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway. I will post on my side bar, and Happy Blogversary!
    Thanks for the chance!

  21. Happy 2nd Blogversary! You are now entered in mine! I love that pillow, it would go great in my little beach cottage! I'm happy to Follow!


    P.S. Susan @ From Beyond My Kitchen Window told me about your site!

  22. Congrats on 2 years.I followed everyone but it took awhile for me to take the leap as well.My one year will be coming up soon.I'm a new follower and would love a chance at the wonderful giveaway.I found you through Robin cranky crow.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  23. Awesome giveaway....who doesn't love Starfish.
    Wish I had known sooner so I could of had it up on my side bar but am doing it now
    Love ya

  24. I was busy thinking about how awesome this giveaway was I forgot to congradulate you
    It is up on my sidebar and actually works because it brought me back here. hahaha

  25. Congrats to you! Your blog is great and I am proud to be a follower! Love, love, love starfish and would love the mat! Pick me, pick me! All the best to you in your blog and in life!

  26. I am a new followers. I read your blog but rarely commet. I guess I am a "stalker". I love to read blogs, they are so entertaining. Please enter me in your drawing. Good luck with your decorating.

  27. Congratulations on your second blog anniversary. I think that it's great that you had another giveaway and I'm glad that Maggie won. It's nice that some positive comes her way.

    Before long you will be celebrating your third anniversary. Hugs. JB