Friday, January 28, 2011

The Ugly and the Very Beautiful

I think its best to start with the ugly part and then soften you up at the end of the post.  So here is the ugly
This is the mountain of snow at the end of my driveway.  As you can see it is getting quite high.   The next photo is what is behind that mound.  If you look just above the word "bench" you will see just the top board at the back of the bench peeking out.

Isn't that pathethic?  There is so much snow back there I think it will be June before it melts enough to see grass again.   Now do you understand why I am so fed up?

Now its time for the beautiful part.  Tonight I had to go to the florist to send a plant to a sick relative.  There was an old guy in front of me.  Well, you know I am chatty so of course I started talking to him.  I guess I have a thing for old guys.  Not in a Anna Nicole Smith kind of way - I just think they are adorable.   Lol

Anyway, he was buying red roses.  And he was being very careful to ensure he had some greenery and baby breath to make sure they looked extra pretty.  I thought it was so cute the attention he was paying to selecting the best flowers.  So I started to tease him and ask him if he was "in trouble".  He had a great laugh and said he was much to old to get into trouble.

I was noticing the florist was making 2 bundles, one with a dozen and another with only 6 roses.  He then pointed to the dozen and said his wife was in the hospital and he was taking them to her.  Awwww, how sweet is that!!  Then with a very straight face he pointed to the smaller bundle and said those were for his girlfriend!   OMG.....I tried not to react too much but I am pretty sure that my mouth flew open and so did the florist.

Then the charming old bugger grinned and told us his wife had a room-mate in the hospital who didn't get alot of visitors so he was giving her the smaller bundle.

AWWWWWW, isn't that the sweetest thing??  I was so touched that he would be so thoughtful.  I think the florist and I both wanted to give him a hug.  He certainly did warm this old, cold, snowy heart today. 


  1. how sweet. I have a customer that gets some dessert to take to his wife in a nursing home and he always gets some for her room mate. There are still some very thoughtful people in the just can't listen to the news tooo much. lol. Hope you are staying warm. Lisa

  2. awww how sweet! My mouth would have probably dropped to the floor with the girlfriend thing! What a cutie!!

  3. Too sweet! I'm so sorry you are overloaded with snow, but I can see how witnessing that would warm a person right up! Thanks for sharing... made me smile :) Stay warm! -Tammy

  4. Awww, how sweet!
    My husband use to bring me flowers and also send them to my school. Ummm, maybe i should send him some to give him a hint; what do you think?

  5. Kim, what a great post this evening. That old guy just melted my heart, just think how he could melt your mountain of snow. What a sweetie and it's not even Valentine yet.

    I sure hope that February is kinder but from the look of things, we are probably gonna get more snow before it's over.Better get yourself a flame thrower to melt that snow. JB

  6. OH what a totally sweet story! It gave me chills. I am sorry about all of that darn snow that is incredible. But I loved that story so much it really brightened my evening.
    I hope you have a lovely Saturday.

  7. Great story...thanks for my SECOND giggle for the day! The first was when you reminded me of liking old son told me that he and my grandson had breakfast at McDonald's this morning. Grandson (3) was chatty and all of a sudden pointed and shouted, "Look daddy, there's Lex Luthor" (loves Batman!)...pointing at a very bald man! My son lost it laughing. I said "what did poor old man do?" He said " C talks so fast that he didn't get it, but heard him and smiled and waved". Made C's day!!! So funny! Yea for old guys!!
    Thanks for a great story, have a good weekend and stay WARM!!!

  8. Oh MY! Totally LOVING the story about the man and his roses!!!!! :-) That's about what the snow looks like in my yard too... and I'm way down here in central nj! lol! :-)

  9. Gosh Kim, makes you know that there still are "nice old men" left in this world.

    Your snow pile looks fearsome!

  10. Love that story - gave me a smile! Tha's what the end of my driveway looks like too! Why is there always an early winter but never an early spring? I'm thinkng that I won't see grass until May. . . .whatever.

  11. HONEY I can see of course now why you are so fed up. OMG how you deal with it as good as you do is beyond me. I think you need to retire and make Texas your winter home and then there for the summers.
    Could not begin to think of how much fun it would be having you here. lol
    Where was that ole guy when I was younger. Why oh why did I miss having him. What a lovely story and one that I will think of often. He must be the best husband ever.
    Thank you honey for your kind comments about Forrest. I am so sad but I am ok.
    Gary did get out of the hosp but not home yet. Unless he makes it today sometime. He looked good which was a blessing. It has aged him though and me too. lol

  12. Kim ~
    What a great story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    As for the snow...nothing personal but you can keep it. We maybe have 6" which is 6 more than I would care to have :)

  13. Love your story ~ what a great guy!! And I love your new lettering font ~ did I tell you that already? We've got snow up the kazoo, too ~ it's getting old for sure!!

  14. That is a wonderful heart warming story...thanks for sharing.
    As for the snow...that is exactly why my house has wheels and we can take it where ever we want.
    It has however been snowed on twice this winter...guess we didin't plan very well this year..but 70 deg in Savannah, GA today!!!!

  15. What a wonderful thing for him to do. there really are some very nice people in the world.
    We do not seem to have as much snow as you but we have plenty. and they are talking another storm on Wed. I say enough already.
    have a great day

  16. ohhhh, what a lovely man! And, as for the snow...better you than me! {grin}

  17. what a nice ole dude! i hope his wife appreciates him getting flowers for her roomie too.