Sunday, January 2, 2011

First finish of 2011

I know you shouldn't love "things" but I have to say I love my #8 cutter blade.  I might have to save my pennies for a #8.5 next.  (Well not for awhile - the sting of that $60 customs fee just flashed back in my mind)

But I finished this cute little mat today.  And in the spirit of the New Year and breaking old habits, I whipped the edges right away.

  I won't make it a formal resolution but I am going to try and completely finish a project before moving on to the next.


  1. Kim ~
    Very sweet!!! You are too good having the edges whipped already. That's a great resolution one that I know I could not keep :) I love the wool you used for the hearts. Is is a plaid?
    I'm glad you LOVE your #8 cutter in spite of getting totally screwed (and not even kissed!) on the shipping charge.
    Hugs :)

  2. Ahh..the joys and hardships of being a Gemini. I have the same problem as you know!

    Yes, definitely will let you know when I am in Amherst again.

  3. Kim ♡!!

    Wow! Whipped and it's only Jan. 2!

    Love the neutral colors and cute design. Looks like I better get off this puter and get to work!

    You get an A++++++!
    (practicing for class LOL)

    Cathy G

  4. Love your rug, I love how you used the ribbon!!! I too am going to try to finish a project before starting another, geez, I will see.

  5. Congratulations Kim on a beautiful finished rug. You really worked fast.

    I love those color combination and how you tied the two hearts together with a ribbon. I hope that you will not hesitate to order another blade because the Canadian dollar is strong now but how long will that last. I also hope that the company that shipped it will put better destination on the package. Happy Hooking. JB

  6. Oh I LOVE it!!! Would you mind if I used your idea and made one too!! Good job and soooo fast, way to go!

  7. WOW!!!
    Only the 2nd of January and already the first rug of the year is finished!
    That cutter head must be working magic (that's what the extra $60 was for, I guess!)
    I love both the design and the lovely muted colors. Good Job!!!

  8. Beautiful, Kim; I love the background color and the design you used in it...sorta swirley...I, too, like the ribbon idea. Now if only I could get down to my hooking.....

  9. Very sweet looking little rug! Would make a good wedding present in a larger size (I'm thinking this is small, correct?). Your story about auntie's car was a trip ~ how you keep your sense of humor and go on to take her to appointment is a wonder! You are a living angel!

  10. So glad that you were able to finish it completely. I know it is probably a stupid question but did you use a worm from the rug to whip around or is it yarn or something? Just wondering. I am trying to figure out how to finish mine. Your little mat look great. Love the colors. Lisa

  11. Such a lovely new mat. Whipping is the difficult part for mind is always on getting another rug on the frame. I'm trying my best to break old habits, too!
    Happy New Year!!!

  12. wow that was fast I have a 8 blade but I do not hook any where near as fast at that. I love it so cute you are ahead of the curve for the next holiday

  13. Great job, Kim. Lovely muted colors. I have been in the "hooking doledrums" for 4 weeks and just started hooking again yesterday. This will give me further inspiration to go on. Whipped, already! good for you.

  14. I love it Kim! I want to get hookin' but I just seem paralyzed to do it. I need some incentive and a smaller project!

  15. So Pretty! I LOVE the hearts!