Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd guessing

I have to admire crafters or artists who can take their hobby and turn it into a business.  That will never be me.   I have never attempted to sell anything I have made and I think if I did depend on it I would be very hungry!

This auction donation rug is driving me crazy.  When I finished the sheep rug - which I really enjoyed hooking - I started to look at it in terms of $$.   As soon as that thought popped into my head I should have smacked myself. 

The auction is part of a cancer fundraiser in memory of a friend and is part of an evening of curling, food and entertainment.  It is a fun night and I want to help raise as much money as possible with my donation.   Last year over $5000 was raised.

As I looked at the rug I began to question myself -- Is this a "sheep" crowd?  Maybe it is too primitive and country for these attendees?  Would something different bring in more bids??
The questions just kept rolling around until I became almost paralyzed.   But the clock is ticking so today I drew up a hearts design.  Seems like a good idea just before Valentines Day. 

I can't question it anymore - I just have to get going.  I have the basic form and am now thinking of how to embellish this somewhat plain rug.

The next time I start to think of rugs in terms of money - someone please knock me in the head!!  I can't take the pressure.....


  1. Well do I know what you are talking about, oh my gosh, I am still embarrassed I sent stuff out for Christmas like to you, I think what was I thinking and beat myself up even now. I love your sheep rug and I would buy it. I thought it was beautiful and I love how your rugs look. I don't think you should second guess yourself. I think you did such a nice job and I think it is perfect so don't just give what you originally hooked. I am sure it will be greatly received. I am so glad I am not the only one who goes through this stuff in my head.
    I hope you have a really nice week, Kim

  2. Oops Kim it is supposed to be do give not don't give, I swear this week I can't even write or spell. Sorry,

  3. Kim, I am sure that whatever you give will be well received. How many people give hand hooked rugs for a charity?? Not many - and so many people covet them. Just do your thing, don't worry and it will be fine. I know you will do well - would I lie to you???

  4. I over think everything. I see some abstract thing and say I could do that but if I tried I would freeze up. so I know what your talking about.
    good luck

  5. Kim....I do that to....know how you feel! Do your best not to overthink it and 'just do it'!!

  6. NOTHING is ever TOO primitive,...that's the point! The simpler the better! It'll be great!!

  7. Honey any of your rugs would be wonderful. My goodness girl quit beating yourself up. If you already have one made use it.
    Like Donna said nothing is too primitive. lol
    Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments
    Love ya

  8. Kim,
    Isn't that crazy how most of us second guess, agonize, and create imaginary scenarios about people accepting our work. And putting a dollar amount on our craft scares the livin' day lights out of us! You have nothing to worry about with your rugs! Your sheep rug is so adorable and I believe has great appeal to a wide variety of people! You put your heart into your work and it shows! It's a wonderful thing you're doing! Have good faith and positive things will happen!
    Cathy G

  9. Hey, Kim, after all you live in Nova Scotia where rugs are popular so what do you have to worry about.

    You are promoting your craft and who knows, it might even spur someone to start hooking. I'd say don't go into a tizzy and trust your first instinct.
    Don't listen to that nasty little negative voice inside that tells you that your rug may not be suitable.

    It is a beautiful rug.

    Just wanted you to know that my grandson was born at 1:44 am this morning. Hugs. JB

  10. Hi Kim,
    I've been selling my work (not always rugs) for years and it's useless to worry over 'what people may like'. Do what YOU like! There will be others who like it too and some who won't. The minute you start trying to design something that will SELL all the fun goes out of it, and it's just one more boring job.

    Create what pleases you and your love of hooking will show through.
    BTW I would NEVER be able to support myself on my handwork. Because once you get to that point, that's what it is....WORK!

  11. Kim, when I did the Icons of NL for the local SPCA, I, too had no idea, how it would do. First, it was appraised and that came as a shock at $750.00 and then, the second shock, when it raised $1700.00 for the cause!

    Don't sweat it! We, Geminis, don't do things well when we have to do it. We are much better at creativity at our own speed. Like everyone else, all your rugs are gorgeous and will do well!

  12. Kim ~
    Whatever you choose will be wonderful and well received. Of course there are people who will have no idea the hours of work and expense that went in to the making of a rug, but there will be others who will know and appreciate it. Don't beat yourself up (but I'm the same way)!
    Okay. So let's see that heart rug.
    Hugs :)

  13. Aww your work is wonderful and perhaps it will be so unique to others that it will be one of of the top sellers!