Thursday, January 13, 2011

My word of the day

Today it seemed that the one word that crossed my mind, passed my lips, or was sarcastically muttered under my breath was.....WHATEVER. 

Yes I know, not the most mature of words.  Perhaps it is just the "January Blahs" that has taken over me.   I am tired of winter for one thing.  I don't enjoy the cold or the snow and ice.  And I have never understood winter sports.  Skiing???  Since when is strapping two sticks to your feet and hurling yourself down the side of a mountain a sensible thing to do?    It will sound cliche, but I'm the type who thinks it is more fun to dress up in cool ski outfit, toss some loose snow on yourself and then head into the lodge and take up a chair near the roaring fire with a nice drink! 

I think maybe my tolerance level gets short (OK, shorter) this time of year.  I can't get wrapped up in O.P.M's (other people's moods) either.  I have too much going on at home and work to get  caught up in someone elses mood.  By mid morning I was scared that my "Whatevers" might escape my mouth at the wrong moment so I spent most of the day with my door closed.  I actually got alot of work done that way.  But I find it tends to make people nervous when HR has the door closed.  I could almost hear some of them thinking..."What is she up to in there?"  But today that just added to the entertainment!  (I know, mean!)

Or perhaps it was the early morning shovelling that made me feel like someone peed in my cornflakes this morning.  We did keep our electricity last night but a fair amount of snow fell.  I took these pictures last night around 9pm from my back door.

Just so I end this post on a positive note --  I tried the milk toast.  Not bad at all.  I opted for the sugar version as opposed to the pepper. (Yeah - big surprise I opted for


  1. This winter is going to kill us all! LOL
    I love the OPM idea!

  2. I hardly know how to tell you this, but we don't have any snow. It even rained today but St. John's received a big dump.

    I had to laugh about "looking good" in your ski dudds in the chalet. My gosh, I do the same thing only on the golf course. Lovely golf togs, matching my socks to my golf club covers, beautiful leather golf glove, custom made graphite clubs..BUT, I only look good, I can't golf to save my life.

    My dept is HR too and boy, that closed door would have kept me away too!

  3. OPM What a clever shortcut to Others people's moods. Wow that snow looks insane!Your poor car, Cheri

  4. deanne FitzpatrickJanuary 13, 2011 at 8:04 PM

    you should of walked over to the studio for a break !

  5. Oh my, that snow is just Too Much!
    I hate winter too, and would never indulge in what my sister calls 'The Slippery Sports'. Well, I don't indulge in ANY sports. LOL!

    I bet the closed door really had them guessing! Hehehe! Sometimes you just have to tune out the rest of the world for the sake of your own sanity.

    The weekend is almost here and I hope it's a good one for you!

  6. Oh my that's a lot of snow. I totally get how you feel about it which is why I am in the southwest for the winter!!

  7. Kim ~
    No matter what your mood, you always manage to make us smile!
    Hugs :)

  8. I feel the same way about winter..yuck!! Somedays you just HAVE to keep the door closed to get things done.
    But that teee-shirt...ewwww!

  9. Oh Wow! You DID get some snow! I take it you don't have a garage? ( I know that's not funny...)

    I'm glad you tried the milk toast. I actually had some for lunch today as my stomach wasn't feeling quite right.... had the pepper on mine though. The toast was made with asiago cheese bread so it was delish. I will have to try your sugar version maybe for a midnight snack@!)

    Hope your tomorrow goes better!
    Cathy G

  10. So sorry you got that pile of snow, Julie, we got about five cm's..not complaining, though.
    Like your thoughts on sentiments exactly...cheers.

  11. Oh Kim, you did it again, made me laugh in spite of myself. I feel for you having to shovel all that snow and then having to face the day's load of work. What you need is a flame thrower to melt that snow. lol... I hope that we don't have too many more storms, enough is enough. Hugs, Julia

  12. We got our snow on Wed so we are all cleaned up and waiting for more snow (not much) this weekend. I have friends that are trying to get me to snowshoe, I did as a kid but the old body is not the same as it use to be.

  13. I'm not a winter person either... I've learned to tolerate the cold (because I know eventually Spring will come), but the snow makes me "snap". Yes, it's pretty, but it makes everyday stuff so darn difficult and messy. And, we have had more than one winter's worth of snow this year... blech! lol!

  14. I have to go shovel...but I am reading posts instead... :-) I love to snowshoe and cross country ski....however the snow is so late this year I found other things to do... and honestly could do without the snow this year...tho everything looks so pretty right now..

  15. I am soooooooooo sick of winter and the snow too! I am so tired of wearing the same snow boots day after day. What is the point of having cute shoes in the closet if you can't wear them. I have PMS from January through March every year. . . . .whatever. :)

  16. Michelle, Excellent use of the "word of the day". Too funny!

  17. I hope today is better and the snow is melting. Not turning to ice. Well, skiing is nice but sitting in the lodge watching the other people go out in the cold is my favorite spot. I do like ice skating I am just not very good at it. Not to mention it really hurts when you hit the ice.
    At least today is Friday, maybe it was just one of those kinds of weeks!

  18. Kim I am done, finished, so over winter. I have had it. Winter is on my last nerve. I have such a cranky going on that I can't explain it. I don't know whether to cry, blog or throw something! But Kim, I gotta tell you. I look at that snow you have there and I feel pretty dang fortunate. Time for a glass of wine! I am thinkin' bout you :)