Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another one bites the dust

I can't believe I have finished another rug!  I hope this momentum keeps up.  Two complete finishes in 2011.  I mean complete - bound and everything!  Woohoo
The original pattern was a round chair pad and I was considering making it a square but I got some great advice and ended up just squaring up the bottom.  It is a Deanne Fitzpatrick design.

Now I'm not sure if this will be the donation rug or not.  I might try a larger variation on the hearts rug.  Time will tell.  I have a month until the auction so there is hope.

I have a new yard of rug warp and was ready to sew around the edges so I could start drawing but there is a little glitch.   I ran out of thread........Can you believe it?  Who runs out of thread?  You can tell I am not a seamstress at heart.


  1. Beautiful!! I could never give it away!! I draw and make bracelets and when I finish one I am so excited...they are like my babies...hard to give up! It's so primitive looking...just love that and the colors would go well with many things. Wonderful work!!

    PS. I have thread I'll give you!

  2. The rug is very has such a warm design and soft colors. Very lovely!

  3. Cute ~ very cute!! Congratulations on finishing two rugs already!! I just finished one tonite myself!!! Woo Hoo for us!!

  4. Oh Kim, your sheep rug is gorgeous and you work so fast, I can't believe that you have hooked two in 2011 either, you are working so fast your wool is going to catch fire, lol. I can see you are having fun with your new cutter head.

    I love the colors that you have been using lately. I really like those neutral colors. What are you using for your background? JB

  5. That is a really nice little rug. I really like that its a sheep. I am impressed that you have it all bound and everything.
    Cool, two in 2011 that is awesome and good job!

  6. Love this rug Kim!
    It has a very restful and cozy feel. Would go nicely with many decors. You are in a great hooking mode to be able to finish two already! Keep up the good work!
    Better stock up on thread!
    Cathy G

  7. Wow... awesome. This is my first time stopping by and I just wanted to tell you that puppy in your header picture is so cute.

  8. That turned out wonderfully! Love it and the way you squared off the bottom. Wow two finishes!! I feel slow and old compared to you!!

  9. Kim I love your sheep rug. What a great job you have done. I don't know how you could give that away. I love the softness of the colors.

  10. I must be a very selfish person. I don't think I could bring myself to give this wonderful rug away.

  11. Kim your little sheep turned out wonderful! You are on a roll!!!! I couldn't give it away either!

  12. Beautiful rug, Kim. It is great that you can bless other people with your talent. It may be selfish to keep it, but the blessings go on and on. I have found that out from my hand painted cards. I would love to keep all of them, but then they would lose their specialness. I am re-blessed when people tell me that they have framed the card and kept it.

    I need to get busy and paint some cards. My supply is gone!

  13. WOW! Awesome!!! I just put another one on the frame today :-)
    Keep posting those wonderful rugs!!

  14. Kim ~
    You are on a roll! I am SO impressed.
    A couple of questions ~ and I bet I'm not the only one who would like to know....
    How big is the rug?
    Can you show us the wool you used for the sheep and for the background if you still have any uncut pieces?
    I have a very hard time visualizing ~ in fact I haven't a clue ~ how wool will hook up.
    Thanks dear blog buddy :)

  15. Kim,
    You are a "smartie" to have two rugs completed already..I just so love the background color and of course, I like the sheep a lot...He/She looks so real....Keep on hookin'