Monday, February 16, 2015

What else...?

No surprise, it's snow.  Waist friggin deep snow.  This was the view of my car from the front window this morning

The front door -- not getting out of it anytime soon

Now the view from the back of the house.  The tunnel just gets deeper

Not going to be using the garage anytime before Spring

After shoveling the tunnel, I decided to try to find the car.  A friend of mine drove by just then and took this picture.  (I didn't find it as funny as she did)

If it snows any more I think I'll snap.  I know I'm a Canadian girl from the East and I'm accustomed to bad winters but this is getting a little out of hand.   Another storm and I WILL unleash the flying monkeys


  1. Sorry, I love snow, but have lived most of my life in places that gets none (FL) or very little, especially this year (Oregon), but I'd be like you, enough is enough. I love being a homebody by my choice, not something that is forcing me to stay home, I'd be angry too. Hope for everyone's sake it doesn't melt all at once and cause massive floods.

  2. Good grief. I hope the monkeys have flame throwers.

  3. Oh man...will this winter weather ever end...Well, you just might have to break down and buy a snow blower, if you can even find one...Is there a man in the neighborhood you could entice with all those wonderful baked goods? At this point I'd try anything...FYI more snow Wednesday and Thursday...Hugs...

  4. Can't believe the TWO messages I tried posting previously never went thru. Sorry, my words are gone other than HUNKER DOWN.


  5. Oh my, that's way too much snow for any Canadian....
    You'll need more than flying monkeys, I think you'll need a Tasmanian Devil to dig a tunnel to get out. A flame thrower might come in handy. I hope your friend help you dig out your car. Poor you...

    I haven't seen any pictures of how much snow we have at home but I bet we had our fair share too.
    I'm flying back home tomorrow night.


  6. Oh, Kim,
    I'm not sure even a snowblower would do you any good with all that snow.
    Did you somehow make it in to work or did you have a "snow day" like the kids? I sure hope so.
    Stay safe, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  7. I just cannot imagine that much snow, Kim! We are just not equipped to handle weather like that here. Take care of yourself, and keep warm and safe! xo Nellie

  8. I just can't comprehend the snow. Maybe that will be it for awhile.

  9. OK...maybe if both you and I twitch our noses like Samantha, fold our arms and blink like Jeannie and snap our fingers like 'whoever' at the same time we can switch places.
    I so want that snow. I have had it before and love it. I would be happy there. We haven't had one single flake would be happy here :)
    I want you to be happy my friend.

    And the flying monkeys scare me.. please don't let them loose. ok?

    Take care, Janet W

  10. oh my goodness, Kim!!! That is way more snow than we ever got down here in central nj! I can't imagine where to put all that stuff.... hopefully it is done for the season...

  11. Oh my gosh Kim, I can't even imagine, that's just unreal! I hope you don't get any more!

  12. Wow! That's a lot of friggin' snow. Don't over do it shoveling and keep an eye on your roof. Sheesh, we've been getting a lot of snow in Maine but got lucky in Mid-Maine this weekend, we missed the pounding the hit the coastline. Eastport has 99 inches! Stay warm and be safe. :)

  13. My jaw just dropped looking at all that snow! I know we've had snow, but nothing like that. Right now the cold is getting on my nerves more than's crazy! Take care and be safe...and I'm praying for warmth and relief for you guys on the East coast and up north!

  14. OMG Please dress those monkeys warmly if they are released!
    Sorry I shudnt chuckle snd in truth I SO admire your resolve and would have cracked well before now!
    I assume you don't have to struggle to work each day? cant imagine how you could get anywhere far in that depth of snow at all anyway.
    In the UK, if we had that depth of snow, I reckon parliament would topple!! We are well known to not manage snow too well, although to be fair, the Scottish are much better at it then we English!

  15. Unleash those flying monkeys, to much snow!!!!!! That is crazy, hope your ok.Blessings Francine.

  16. I can't imagine having that much snow! I hope it will be a slow melt or it could be flooding. Stay safe!

  17. Yikes! I think you are getting all of our snow. We are well below the average for once. It's just really, really cold. I would just hibernate until spring!

  18. sorry for your miserable weather up that way! I do know what's it's like to live with cold and snow, after awhile it really wears on you. One year, I shoveled a small area to the ground just so I could look at some dead grass. I refused to look at the snow or even mention it. It really can make a person depressed. Spring WILL arrive.... look at pretty flowers in magazines til then! There is hope!