Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Rage

Ok, I'm almost at the breaking point.  Another couple of feet of snow fell last night.  I can't cope.  There's no where to put it.  The banks are so high at the end of my driveway, I can't see if any cars are coming, so I just say a little prayer and floor it and hope for the best.

This was the view of my driveway from my dining room window this morning.  Can you see my car peeking out?

Here's my front step view from the living room window.  The snow is almost up to the door knob

I shoveled a "path" out the back door.  Soon it will feel like a tunnel into a cave.

I guess I won't be taking any garbage out to the curb anytime soon......

All that's left to say is ........O.M.G......ENOUGH ALREADY!!!


  1. Wow!!!! I'll grab my shovel and come help you. Take it easy Kim,Blessings Francine.

  2. I got stuck at the bottom of my drive due to ice, not snow but I feel your pain.

  3. Oh, Kim, That's a LOT of snow!!! I feel for the admins in your Street Department. Today was bitch day here and we didn't even have a foot of the white crap.
    Only six more weeks ... sigh ... if we're lucky.
    Hugs :)

  4. Wow----that's a lot of snow. You are getting some of our share, some of the ski resorts have close due to lack of snow. We are so warm, my daffodils are blooming a month early. Been a crazy winter for everyone. Spring will be here soon. Then we will be complaining about the heat.

  5. Oh my, Kim, I'd be too scared to floor it into the street. I'd would rather take it slow like in a parking lot. This year, I got some Michelin winter tires on my van and I'm so glad I did.

    I wish you lived closer, I'd send my hubby plow you out. I was awaken at 4:25 am this morning by a guy named Bernie who plows about 70 driveways and he got himself stuck in a very bad way over a culvert in someone's driveway.

    I hate to even look at the weather forecast. I'm flying to Ottawa early on Saturday morning and I'm praying for good weather. I hate bumpy flights.

    Hang in there, and stay safe and warm.

  6. You do have more snow than we do but we have enough if God is listening.
    there is a storm coming in Thursday 1-4 inches. and Monday they are not saying much but it looks like another big one. sigh....This too shall pass or melt.

  7. Oh Kim, I hope you don't need a new oven...perhaps the element came unplugged...or loose...your buns were looking mighty fine...LOL...Our door yards appear very similar...dare I say another snow storm is heading our way for Thursday....I think this calls for a purchase of new boots...what say you? Hang in...Sending hugs from snowy Maine...Julie...

  8. That's what you get for living in the beautiful maritime provinces...winter.

  9. Yikes! That is a huge bummer. We have escaped most of the storms - got a couple of inches today. I'm feeling bad for you. But you are going to have really strong arms! 😊

  10. Holy crap. I won't complain about my 12".

  11. Oh my goodness!! Thats what our place used to look like in the Utah mountains. Sure wish you could get a giant strong snow blower and aim it this way. West and a little to the south. Then turn it to super duper power setting. Like those wind tunnels or whatever I've seen on TV :)

    Sorry that is it is such a challenge. I wish I could come over and help shovel it. Praying for you to be safe..especially when you "floor it", and warm.
    Take care my friend, Janet W

  12. oh Kim...I feel for ya! We haven't had it too bad this winter. Thank goodness. Course, there was the winter of 2007-08 when I lived in the country and we had 111 inches of snow...YIKES! Sure don't want to have that happen again! Take care and hang in there.

  13. That is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in my life. That snow looks unreal it is so deep.
    That picture of your car next to your house and the tunnel. I showed Ron last night and he thought it was crazy.
    Did you go to work today? I hope you can move after moving that. You know what, I like that little vent you have in your house.
    I hope you have a lovely day.

  14. I can't imagine having that much snow. We have had very little to no snow. I guess it is all going north. Be careful with flooring it!

  15. Amazing! That does not real. You poor thing where do you begin in shoveling out of all that snow.brrrrrrr!