Sunday, May 12, 2013

The good, the bad, the ugly - Mothers Day Edition

Lets start with the good - Mom woke up in a good mood. I got a smile, I even got a "Good Morning" after a little prompting. That was what I interpreted as a good sign for the day. Despite the fact that most days she doesn't know who I am, I know I am still lucky to have her with me.
I ordered some lobster for a special Mothers Day supper

And after a little work opening them, they were happily swimming in butter

The bad part of the day was mostly my mood. The last couple of years Mothers Day has been my least favorite holiday. It makes me a little sad. I am grateful to have my Mom, when many don't have that luxury. But on Mothers Day I look at her and miss the Mom I had before Alzheimer's stole her away. But that's enough moping from me.
But it leads me into the ugly part of the day. Last night on my way home from the movies (The Great Gatsby....loved it btw) I noticed that one of my tires was a bit low. Well this morning it was very low. Crap! There are no service stations or garages open on a Sunday. I called roadside assistance and they said they would send someone.

Here is the poor man who rescued me, putting the spare on. He had to drive 45 minutes to spend 10 minutes changing my tire. I felt bad for him. But he was very nice about and didn't complain. So until I can get to the dealership tomorrow I'm cruising around on the donut. I miss the good old days when you got a full size spare in your car! We checked the flat tire for a nail. At first we didn't see anything and he was starting to give me that "you're crazy" look. But then we saw it - a metal shard about an inch long. It looked like the end of a blade or something. I should have taken a picture but didn't want him to think I was crazier than he already did.

So that's my Mothers Day wrap - up. I hope yours was fun and uneventful.

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  1. that was nice they could send someone out for you on a sunday-my mom has alzheimer's too-she is still in the early stages-must me scarey for them at first-hugs

  2. Glad you got assistance. I have been lucky to not know anyone alzheimer's until a woman who I have know casually, we have gone to rug hooking camps together. She just finished cemo for breast cancer and now has a very fast moving alzheimers. I am so sad for her they have plenty of money and she and her husband just retired. The very weird thing is she remembers me more than close friends. I am so sad for you and all the people who have to see their love ones slowly dissapear.
    thinking of you

  3. I can't imagine how hard that is. What I do know from all your posts is that you take very good care of your mother. She is lucky to have you as her daughter.

  4. The lobster looks delicious! I'm glad you had a better day with your Mom, but I'm sorry that Alzheimer's has taken its toll. I hope you can get your tire fixed and have a good week.

  5. Oh, that lobster looks so good. I still eat mine without butter, just plain. I know that it taste better with butter but...

    I'm so glad that your mom smiled at you on Mother's Day and had a good day. I know that the mom you knew is gone in a way, but still here and that's the hard part. You are such a sweet and caring daughter to her and that is never lost.

    I know the sinking feeling of finding your car with a flat tire. Those doughnut tires are ridiculous and I don't like driving on them either but I have. I love the security that Road Assistance offers.

    I hope that your week goes well.

  6. Well I am glad you were at home and not out of town or something. I am sorry about your Mom. I guess that is why I don't like Mother's Day anymore. I remember all of those I once spent the day visiting with.
    I hope this is a better week.

  7. That is a bummer about the tire!

    Yum, the lobster sounds absolutely divine!

    I send along hugs and smiles to you, Kim, as you work through these days with your mom.

    xo Nellie

  8. Oh Kim, to bad......Lobster looks yummy......Hugs to you and your Mom, Francine.

  9. I read this yesterday and felt for you then...and still do!! AD has taken away the Moms we knew. Sometimes I feel guilty because I know so many have lost their moms...but in a way, sadly, we have too!! The good news had lobster....and butter!! Love it! Hope by now your tire is good and all you can remember of yesterday is how good that lobster was!! ;). Hugs!!

  10. Your lobster looks delicious! I'm allergic, so I just enjoy it vicariously. What a treat though! Virtual hugs coming your way!

  11. I glad your Mom had a good day. Love lobster, haven't had it for awhile. sorry about your tire.


  12. Our moms, they are our biggest cheerleaders and our greatest sorrow. Missing mine very much but love that my daughter came in to spend Mommy's Day with me.

  13. Hi Kim,Mothers day with a smile and lobster.Hugs to such a wonderful daughter you are. Your mom may not say it but she raised you to be a caring daughter and as a mom I'll tell you that your Mom made you into such a good person.Your mom would be so proud of you!HUgs Cheri

  14. Those lobsters look delicious! I'm sorry that Mother's day makes you sad. :( But it is nice she said good morning and was in a good mood! Kind of scary about the blade in your tire. What a sweet guy to drive all that way for you.

  15. Hi Kim! I find it harder and harder to be excited over any holiday anymore. Maybe it is part of getting older. Maybe I expect too much. I do love Thanksgiving though, it is my favorite holiday.. :) Glad the tire thing worked out. Those lobsters look delicious.. :)