Thursday, March 15, 2012

Testing the Law of 3's

I am hoping that the whole theory behind the Law of 3's is bogus.  You know how they always say bad luck happens in three's?

So far I'm up to 2.

The first was the untimely death of the Keurig coffee machine.  This morning I had to make a cup of tea before work.  Blahhh, tea is for after supper, not the kick in the pants you need in the morning.  Plus there was the unplanned expense of a replacement machine. 

But I am happy to report that as I write this post I am sipping a hot coffee from the NEW Keurig machine. 

Then last night I jumped in the car to grab something at the convenience store.  When I parked back in the yard I couldn't get the car door open.  I pushed the power locks on and off and then pushed and pushed. 

A brief second of panic.  I'm locked INSIDE the car.  Seriously?? Yes, locked IN the car.   For a minute I thought about Lauren who recently posted about a funny newspaper headline about a hooker.  And I imagined the front page of the local Daily News - - "Hooker Locked Inside Car".  Lol

As I mulled over my situation I said a tiny little prayer that it was only the drivers side door.  (It was)  Had it been all 4 doors, that would have been a very entertaining call to OnStar.  Sheesh! 

So my only option was to crawl over into the passenger side - over the console and the shifter.    Can you picture it?  Oh yeah, I was graceful as a gazelle as a tried to straddle my way over.   I was enacting a few Cirque du Soleil moves......(Ouch)

Sure, you're laughing - but try to do that in high heel boots.   This morning I went to work early so there would be no witnesses in the parking lot as I performed my graceful moves yet again. 

I called the Dealership and they had an appointment late this morning.  And yes, I had to do it again - in front of the service crew.  And yes, they giggled.   Just grateful I wasn't wearing a skirt!!  They did (mockingly) offer to pull me out through the window.  I declined. 

The door was under warranty but I still ended up leaving another $350.   The Visa Card was smoking today. 

Lets hope this is the end of the unplanned expenses for awhile.  The Law of 3's -  Pffft!


  1. I hate the law of 3s but you are right. I am glad you got a coffee pot. So glad and relieved. Weird about your door though.
    I hope it is free from here on out. I would like to see those headlines though. That would be so funny. :)

  2. Kim, I was so hoping that perhaps the Keurig plug wasn't pushed all the way into the socket or perhaps the fuse or circuit breaker was out but I was dead wrong.

    My aunt was convinced that if one thing broke there would be 2 other right behind. When she broke a piece of dishes she purposely broke two jars to make it 3 items. Smart girl. Go break something that you don't want anymore, that should take care of the law of 3s.

    On the serious side, I'm sorry that the law of 3s is on rather expensive items. Ouch.
    Hugs JB

  3. Heehee! I have tried crawling over a console in high heels AND a skirt when switching seats with my husband. (Next time I'll just get out and go around). So glad you have a new coffee pot! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your third never comes. Or maybe the second was getting locked in the car, and third was having to pay that much to fix it, so you're free and clear now! ;)

  4. Sorry... I giggled a little bit too. But only because I've had to do the same thing. There is no graceful way to haul yourself over the console/shifter. No way at all. But hopefully that's the end of the bad luck.

  5. Oh my goodness. I am sorry I had to giggle a little too. Only cause I 've been there done that, crawling over the console.
    Really hard to do when you can't move like you used to.

    I am glad that everything got taken care of and you are good to go again.

    Have a great night and a wonderful Friday.

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  6. Kim ~
    OUCH!!! I do hope you stop at 2.
    Getting over a console is not an easy feat, but you did it girlfriend!!!
    Hugs :)

  7. Holy smokes! Hope things quiet down for you soon!

  8. Wonder what the 3rd thing will be? That's a funny story, Kim ~ I've been there! My car got hit by a deer on the driver's side ~ I was trapped like a rat!! I'm a big girl in a small car ~ I crawled over ~ got out! A big white dog came charging at me as I tried to call my mister ~ I jumped back in the car quick! Then drove to a body shop ~ crawled over the damn console again ~ and asked those fellows if they could pry my door open! They did ~ for free ~ I took them a dozen donuts!! I think the entertainment was so good, they didn't want to charge me!! Hope you have a quiet weekend!! I like Julia's suggestion ~ go break a jar!!

  9. I hope you get lucky and the third thing will be minor, like a stubbed toe.

  10. Hope that's the end of your "troubles". Totally understand the climbing over the console thing...needed to do it in the husband's truck, which at least is a bit larger than the car. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  11. Kim the vision I have :) Hope there is no "three"!

  12. My daughter's car did the same thing but she was 17 so crawling over the middle wasn't so bad for her. Of course I let her suffer with it for a few days but then decided it was 100 degrees outside so maybe I should get the door fixed. Turns out it was the locking mechanism and the lockshop only charged $75 when the dealership wanted $350.

  13. Oh Kim,I don't think that there will be a three.Climbing over
    the console counts as two One for when it happened and one for at the dealership. Hugs cheri

  14. wow oh wow you have had some kind of week. put a little of the irish in you coffee and relax.

  15. I'm counting on things not running in threes, unless of course it's GOOD things happening. Hopefully that's the end of your bad luck for quite some time.

  16. Here's hoping your bad streak ends at two incidents. Hopefully the luck of the Irish will come your way.

  17. May e the lack of maple candy that first day was the firsT mishap! Let's count it!

  18. I hope there is no number three, but gosh you sure make me laugh!

  19. You suppose that has anything to do with your last post. . . . When a door coses (locks) a window opens? :)

  20. Is it wrong to snort laugh with a friend? Sorry - just brought back memories of when I was 9 months pregnant; locked my keys inside of my Datsun 280Z, but knew the back hatch never locked, so crawled through the back window, up to the front, over the stick shift, and into the seat - in a maternity business suit no less. God, I hope there were no security cameras on in that parking ramp.... ;o) (And, oh - I so believe in 3's....go break something quick....) Hugs ~ Robin