Sunday, March 4, 2012

Four pounds of crazy

Yes, Miss Millie is still crazy.  I am baffled. 

She looks so sweet and innocent but don't be fooled - this tiny little fur ball has some issues. 

She continues to be "afraid" of the kitchen.  I have washed her mat, replaced it with a new one, and even lined a path through the kitchen with treats.  Nothing works.

I'm not sure why this new little quirk is so disturbing to me, because Millie has always had her share of "odd" behaviors.

- She has always refused to eat her food from a dish. It "must" be placed in a little pile on the floor.  When the pile is gone she lays in front of her full dish and barks or growls until I take a handful  out and put it on the floor.

- She must have an optimal number of lumps on her blankets before laying down.  Smooth blankets are a no no. 

- She will not lay in her bed if a toy is in there.  She will bark until we remove the toy and then she goes in her bed.

- She will go up and down stairs up to 4.  Any number beyond 4 and forget it.  You must carry her.

- She will not "allow" people to nap in the living room.  She will bark and scratch at your arm to wake you up.

- When you enter my house Millie must be greeted first and quickly. If you take too long taking off your boots etc and don't stop at the end of the sofa to give her a little pet, she will hold a grudge.   She actually will turn her back to you and bury her head.  I am NOT KIDDING HERE. 

Believe it or not, this is just a small sampling of her unique personality.  But how can you not love her anyways??

I think I need the services of a doggie psychiatrist before Millie makes me CRAZY.


  1. The love we get from our pets is priceless.
    Millie is unique and so cute ;-)

  2. Gotta love our silly dogs - don't we?! My dog, Gabe, has all sorts of weird ways too. Don't you wish they could talk so you could figure it out?

  3. Now that you blew the whistle on little Millie's personality, I don't know what to say...

    She's still cute however. I think that she wants you to quit work so that you can be home 24 hours a day. I think that you will have to ignore her little manipulative tricks to get attention. She sounds so spoiled... but how could she not be spoiled. Just look at those big black eyes and that innocent cute innocent face. So now you need some kind of sign in the entrance to make sure that visitors greet Millie first. I wish I could speak dog like Dr DoLittle.

    Hugs, JB

  4. One innocent was sufficient,. I thought that I deleted one. JB

  5. Hi Kim, Millie is maybe a little eccentric. Lol
    My daughters dog mekenna growls at her food while she eats.Lol
    Maulie makes me shuffle my feet as I walk in the door as she greets me.The only way I can get Maulie away from the fence when she is barking is say Cheezer or cookie and rattle the screen door.Lol
    I have a feeling dogs are smarter then us we meet their needs and in my home Maulie is the alpha dog.Lol

  6. Hi Kim,
    There are days when I think I may be the crazy one and not my dog!

    1. Laurel, sometimes I think that too except in this case Millie is definitely crazier this time. Lol

  7. Kim ~
    Millie makes up for her quirkiness (is that a real word?) in cuteness!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Don't you just LOVE that Julia and her replies??? She always has something priceless to say. Like a favorite Aunt that listens to you really well. I bet she is a good listener.

    Now, as for Millie...she's a hoot!!

  9. I do know people who did the doggie shrink route (oh, for their dog). The dog ended up wearing this little back pack type of thing to give her a little weight to feel safe and, ok!

  10. Well Kim, I would say Miss Millie has you wrapped around her little paw! Four pounds, really? Have a great week, Hugs Julie.

  11. Hey, aren't dogs just hairy people? I thought that if Millie had a blog she would write: "you should get a load of my owner...she insists on greeting me first when coming home... she thinks I only will eat food on the floor..hey, I was just testing her to see if she was paying attention to me"...and on and about the kitchen phobia..your house isn't haunted is it? Just sayin'

  12. Our last dog had some mental issues I thought it was because he was emotionaly abused. he was stuck out on a sun porch fed and let out that is it. How old is Millie? Maybe a dish dropped in scared her and now she can't get over it. Not sure but it is a head scatcher.

  13. Well I think she sounds cute. I have a house full of animals with major issues. I never thought about them until you started naming Millie's You pay good attention.
    I hope she gets better.

  14. Perhaps Millie sees dead people???

    Ok, ok....I'll knock it off. I still think Grey Goose is the answer.


    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Oh Kim,

    She is just adorable. Our little Maltese has her little quirky things that she does too.

    Her name is Downy and I have posted about her on

    One thing that is cute is that whenever we drive somewhere she does not like to be in a carrier in the back seat. She wants to be where the action it. If daddy is driving or riding as passenger, she has to be sitting on his chest so she can see out of the windows and lick daddy's face. :) I pray that we don't have an accident or get in trouble for not have her in a carrier.

    I think some time soon I will do an "all Downy" post about her ways. :)I have called her Princess Downy in my posts. lol

    I loved your post. Take care, Janet W

  16. Kim,
    Millie is so cute and precious!! I'm sure she'd get away with all her crazy behaviors here too! We learn to do what they say.... LOL! My Mom's dog won't drink his water unless she holds the bowl for him.. Hmmm...... wonder who the alpha person is in that house?!
    Give little precious a hug and pet from me if she is accepting!! :-))
    Cathy G

  17. Dogs are hard to figure out. I can't even begin to guess what is going on with your little Millie. My Bella wants to be outside chasing the birds all day. While she waits at the door to go out her body language makes you think of a beaten dog. Bella is a 62 lb. Lab and when she gets that look about her she looks like a Basset Hound. ( long body, short legs )she gets very low to the ground and hangs her head. She is spoiled rotten with more love than you can imagine, we can't figure out why she looks like that. Its embarrassing.

  18. Oh Kim I love this - she sure has you trained girl. So does Disco - he has his quirks too. Maybe she has a touch of OCD - do you think? She is so cute. sandie

  19. Sounds like a case for the Dog Whisperer! PS We have our female dog taking Xanax now (she had such high anxiety over everything it was making all our lives very difficult) and it has made her into a new dog. Better living through chemistry, I say!

  20. You know...I'm a momma to 6 dogs and I totally understand how dogs have strange behaviors. I have one that seems bipolar. We just love them and work around their issues.

  21. Awwww.... look at that sweet face!!! Millie certainly has some great personality! I think what is weird about the kitchen thing is that it is brand new... maybe someone dropped a glass on the floor while she was drinking water or something and now she is frightened it will happen again?

  22. Kim, I was upstairs in the bathroom on top of a ladder, ripping little pieces of wallpaper that is very stubbornly stuck to the walls because it was applied over a primer so the process is slow and tedious, giving me time to think and reflex.

    I was thinking about sweet little Millie and I was wondering if by any chance she was getting shocked by static electricity. That would be enough to make her very nervous. In the winter when the air is dry there's more static. Do you think that it's a possibility?

  23. Dogs are all a little crazy, yes? We just need to love them because they overlook all of our craziness and love us anyway.

  24. I think it is great that Millie has a mind of her own and lets you know it. Yes, it will drive any owners crazy, but I think you will put up with whatever, because how can you not? Look at that face!

  25. Millie is just precious. My Sugar Plum has started doing some of these strange types of things too - as she has gotten older. I have to laugh because she does the same thing with her food. She will eat little bits out of the bowl then waits for me to put more out. She also doesn't like certain things in her way and will moan and moan until I move it. But.... we love them don't we! Silly little girls.