Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweetness delayed

It's Maple syrup season in Nova Scotia.  Sweet!!

This is how I remember it as a child - trudging through the woods in March and checking the buckets nailed to trees with a simple spigot.  Sap buckets were collected each day and taken back to the "Sugar Camp" to be boiled down and turned into a variety of sweet delights. 

Today its not the same - it has gone moderately high tech with tubing going direct from tree to tree and into the camp.  Its just not the same to me.  I still remember checking the buckets.  But although the process has changed, the sweet products remain the same tempting delight.

Today was the ideal day.  Sap runs the best with warm sunny days and cool nights.  All day I daydreamed about a block of maple cream.

After work I stopped at a couple of stores.  The story was the same - Sold out.  The last clerk laughed and said everyone had the same idea today.   They are expecting another delivery tomorrow.  Yummm

So my sweetness fix will have to be delayed until tomorrow.  


  1. My friend's family still runs sap in buckets like you speak of. My son has gotten to go, but I still need to jump on that bandwagon! Hope you get your treat tomorrow!

  2. We had a Maple syrup festival in our little community too this past week. I just love the stuff! And we still see the buckets around here. Love the Maple sugar candies too. Hope you get your treat tomorrow!

  3. Really, it was all sold out!! Oh that is just terrible, when you were craving it. I love that you remember checking the buckets. Now I wish I knew what it was that you are craving. It does look a lot like my soap though. :) I hope you get some tomorrow.

  4. Great minds must think alike - On the way to a million and one appointments today, I passed many tapped trees - I was disappointed they were using plastic bucket rather than metal (but still better than the new-fangled bags) - but hmmmmm - never heard of the tubing....(but, yah hey - we live in Nod - that technology may be years off yet....) ;o) And "block of maple cream"? me stumped on that one - although I probably wouldn't care for it....I love the smell of maple, and love it in maple syrup - but that's about it..... Good luck with your quest! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Hi Kim,

    Mmmm I just love maple syrup. I love to see the pictures of the buckets on the trees. I live in Wyoming so it is not something I'd see here. :(

    Do you know Faye from The Blessed Hearth blog? She just spoke of the blue bags they use now to collect the's just not the same. She and her family are in Nova Scotia, I think.

    You can find her blog on my blog list. :)

    Sure hope you do get your treat tomorrow. I am still craving chocolate. I can't believe I made that post last night lol I was just drooling over those chocolate treats. lol

    Gotta run. Have a great Tuesday. Take care, Janet W

  6. I sure do love those maple treats! Have an extra piece for me!

  7. Yummy...maple! I'm still seeing the metal buckets on trees on my drive to work. It warms my heart. I've seen the tubing as well. But not up here. One of my students said his family is tapping for the first time this year. He's very excited!

  8. Oh, we used to do this with the 4-H kids. So much fun. I've heard because of our mild winter this year that our syrup won't be as sweet. I may have to do a taste test to find out if that's true!

  9. Oh yum yum yum! Maple CREME? I don't even know what it is or tastes like but it made my tummy growl. lol

  10. Poor Kim, sorry about the big disappointment but you know that it will taste even better because you had to wait for it. Hugs. JB

  11. I've never seen a bar like that ~ sandie