Saturday, September 17, 2011

Slow progress

My attempt at a large abstract fall leaf is progressing slower
than I had hoped.  Today when I took it off the frame to
photograph it, I was a little disappointed at how much empty
space I am still seeing.   Sigh........

It just didn't seem that large when I was drawing it out on the floor.
Now it just looks massive to me. 

I need to get some more filled in before I lose interest.  This always
happens to me when I attempt a larger rug, yet I never seem to learn.

I do love the colors though.


  1. Kim, that rug will be so beautiful when you are finished! Don't give up :)

  2. The colors are gorgeous Kim - and it is going to be awesome....but I know that "big rug syndrome" - I finally took my welcome kitties off the frame before it got all kittywampus. Perhaps, doing a few smaller things will first will inspire me to pick it up again...but, with Halloween and Christmas coming up, it might be a while!! Hook on! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I like that rug, and I really do like the colors and the textures. It will be really neat looking when you finish. I am having the same trouble with my Halloween rug, I have hooked and hooked and I never seem to get any further.
    I would like to see it finished though.
    I hope you are having a great day.

  4. I love the colors and textures too! I've never attempted a big rug yet, I think I would not be able to finish it and would get bored with it too. But keep working on your leaf, I think it will be really nice!

  5. Kim, your leaf rug is looking mighty pretty even unfinished. Those colors are like a rainbow, so beautiful. Just commit yourself to a small area at a time and it will soon be finished.

    Remember, this is just a hobby so don't sweat the slowness of the progress. Don't listen to that little devil over your shoulder that's telling you you're progressing too slow, listen to the little angel that says you're doing great, it looks wonderful.

    You're only in competition with yourself. Go ahead and tell me to " Oh, go put a sock in it" ... I can't help myself , I love to encourage the down trodden, lol... JB

  6. Do you design them from scratch all by yourself? sandie

  7. Hi Kim,
    What are the measurements of your leaf rug? It's hard to tell from the photo how big it is! It is going to be so awesome with all those different textures and wool you are using! I've never really hooked an abstract with a lot of space to fill but it must be like filling in a lot of background. Do you hook with music or are you a silent hooker?
    Cathy G

  8. It looks awesome so far! It's going to look so beautiful when finished!

  9. These kinds of rugs are so pretty - this will be wonderful when its' finished!!!

  10. It is looking scrumptious! Please proceed!

  11. Kim, as your designing I think it takes longer trying out what you think will look good. I think it is going to turn out great!Cheri

  12. Kim ~
    What beautiful colors and textures! How big is the rug?
    Congrats on signing up for University!!! I am sure you will do fine and have lots of humorous things to share with all your friends in blogland. You go girl!
    Pug hugs :)

  13. I know how you feel - sometimes projects can seem so overwhelming! The colors are so yummy though - it will be a gorgeous rug when you're finished.

  14. Honey your work is awesome. I know when this is finished it will be gorgeous just like my starfish.
    I finally got my camera back so I can put it on my site.
    These colors are absolutely beautiful.
    Hope you have a wonderful week

  15. I love these colors also. I bet it is going to be a beauty.

  16. Hi Kim!

    I have a very (unfinished) similar abstract leaf I started almost a year ago. I don't know what happened, but it wasn't working out for me. I love the way you are doing yours... and the colors are gorgeous. I say "stick with it" because it's going to be lovely. I've many times taken mine out and thought about pulling out the wool to reuse the linen, but when I do, I still think there's a rug in there worth saving. Thank so much for dropping by my blog. Love hearing from you!