Thursday, September 22, 2011

It wasn't my fault

Really, it wasn't my fault.   Don't judge me....

So, here is what happened and I will let you decide.
I had an appointment this morning in Moncton (shopping heaven) so I took the entire day off work.  After I was finished at the dentist office I stopped at the mall.
Danier Leathers had all their windows plastered with SALE signs. 
So I figured it wouldn't hurt to just go in and look around.........Right?  And my old black
leather jacket is getting ratty (no, seriously)  The sleeves and around the elbows are getting all worn and chalky looking so replacing it is not unreasonable.......Right?

Well, the Sale signs were not misleading.  All last years styles on sale - major markdowns.  I found a simple black lambskin jacket that was originally $450.  It was reduced to  $140 and it had a yellow sticker so there was another 20%.   Total price - $ 111
This is not the actual jacket but very similar wasn't my fault.  I had no choice but to buy it.......Right?
It would have been foolish to leave a deal like that behind.......Right?
And Momma didn't raise a fool.

And then a short while later I walked past a shoe store. (big mistake)
In the window were the most fabulous high black leather"hooker boots"
(Yes Lauren CFM's)

You know they are going to look perfect with the new jacket.......Right?

As a side note - both purchases are still hidden in the trunk of my car until I can sneak them in and mix them in with existing inventory.   LOL  And yes, I will pretend I had them last year and people must have forgotten they saw them before.  Don't rat me out, OK?

I celebrated my purchases over a chocolate pumpkin spice latte.  Mmmmm

Today was a good day


  1. Wait a minute!!! You're not married are you???
    I thought hiding the loot in the trunk till it can be smuggled into the house and hidden among the old stuff was only something women did so husbands wouldn't know. Are you hiding him too???
    You did good not passing up such great bargains! Saving several hundred dollars and having some cool new duds makes a good day indeed!

  2. You are going to model them for us in a future post, RIGHT???

  3. Now Miss Kim, why feeling guilt for spending your very own hard earned money may I ask?

    After all, you're the one who has to get out of bed on MONDAY morning and drag yourself to work and attend meetings after meetings. I think that you are old enough, ( but much younger than me though ) to make such a decision without having to answer to anyone, not even a husband so go back there and treat yourself while the getting's good. Much cheaper than therapy. Pics, please... JB

  4. Well, if you all knew how many coats, boots, shoes, purses I have - you would understand! Lol. Soon I might need to build an extra room. Ummm, I guess I better confess to 3 scarves too.....

  5. I'm afraid I can't pass up a good deal either! lol I bought my daughter a new coat today. She didn't need it but it was cute! lol

  6. Well, I think it is very nice that you did something like that. I wouldn't have passed it up either.
    I bet you will look so good in them when you do get to wear them.
    I waited 5 months for a leather coat to finally get marked down like that and when it did bam it was mine.
    You were just saving it from a life of boredom right? Oh, I can't wait until it is cool enough to wear my boots and my coat.

  7. As far as I know, I don't believe they are including leather jackets and "way cool" boots in the items usually seen on episodes of I think you're in the clear! No more sneaking hot wardrobe items into the house anymore! I'm with the others...when's the modeling session?
    Keep on shopping!

  8. You little sneaky gal!! I thought I was the only one still doing that. What they don't know, right? There is nothing better than a great deal.

  9. Kim,
    I seriously think they need to interview you for the MSNBC evening news! You are helping the economy! Be proud and wear those new duds! Somebody needs to kick start this dragging economic slump and I think you've got the right boots to do it!!
    Cathy G

  10. That's so funny - you do the same thing I do!! *innocent face* What - this thing? I've had it for a long time!

  11. Kim ~
    You saved money and that is good :) I see you remembered my cfm comment. That made me laugh.
    Yes, we do want to see the items modeled!!!
    Hugs :)

  12. I think you had a wonderful day I am with the others lets see pictures.

  13. Cracks me up that you are hiding them!!! Bet you are going to look fantastic in the new purchases! Enjoy.

  14. Just remember - when the trunk gets full, there's always the dryer. :o) (Talking from a lady who drives an SUV...) NICEEEE jacket!! What's not to love - and yeah...gotta see those hooker accoutrements ON!!! Smiles & Hugs - and HUGE KUDOS!! Robin

  15. I am here from Over therapy is a good thing! Nice purchases! Oh and I love Pumpkin Spice Latte

  16. Hey--shopping is good for the soul!!! I rationalize my entitlement to making purchases to his larger scale ones. Just because he doesn't enjoy clothes...he likes big toys - things for his truck, the yard, etc. etc. Enjoy your purchases!!! (and I wish Starbucks was closer to me....I have to drive 1/2 hour to one for those Pumpkin Latte's.....and I've been craving them since Sept. 1st!!!) Thanks for following me! I'm doing the same!!

  17. Kim, What a cute outfit. I bet your going to look pretty this fall in your boots and jacket.Retail therapy is fun I usually spend it on plants and wool! Have a nice weekend.Cheri

  18. You are one smart shopper and a little sneaky too :-)

    Have a nice day Kim.... and by the way, thanks for your recent comment on my Bounty Hunters post. :-)


    And another BTW, The dog is guilty!

  19. Just a little tip I heard from a friend...make sure to scuff the bottoms of those shoes if you intend to pass them off as last year's! Enjoy your treats to self...I am sure you are worth every penny!

  20. One can never have too many pairs of boots and it would have been a sin not to buy the jacket for that kind of price. Hot mama!

  21. Yay, you did something wonderful for yourself. You deserve it.

    Happy new follower from the over 40 blog hop.

  22. Stopped in to visit as I made my way through the Follow Friday Blog Hop. I read your About Me paragraph and had to chuckle about your use of the word "obsession" with regard to your rug making. My post on Thursday sked a question about the obsessive nature of needleworking. Pleae stop over and take a look.

  23. Kim, you will look fabulous dahling!! Don't feel naughty even for one minute...because you will LOOK naughty in all those cute new duds!
    (thanks for the giggle...)

  24. haha it sound like a great day! and yes shoe stores are just very very hard not to enter!

    big hugs from Indiana

  25. I think you did what every hot blooded woman would do! I firmly believe that when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! What great buys! Enjoy!

    Also, thank you for your kind words about my mom, she will be forever missed and in our hearts.