Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

The word of the week is.....


- Adjective

1.  disposed or inclined to revenge; vengeful: a vindictive person
2.  proceeding from or showing a revengeful spirit
Synonym -  unforgiving

So, Mother Nature.....what's going on??  I never knew you to be so vindictive.
You throw storm after storm at me, all the while probably laughing as the snow banks pile up higher and higher.  Then you top it off with just enough rain to make the snow so friggin heavy people need to see a chiropractor after shovelling.   Why are you being so vindictive???

Yes, I admit I complained a bit about the heat last summer.  Sorry !   And you may possible be ticked that I don't tend the flower beds like you would prefer.  But in my defense - are weeds not part of your creation also ??   So really I'm just honoring another of your plant-life creations by not pulling them out on a regular basis.  But if that is what is ticking you off....again - Sorry! 

Either way - Frig Off -  Enough is enough

Vindictive - Part 2

I went to see a pee wee girls basketball game last night.  They were all sweet and cute in their little uniforms and ponytails.  Until the referee blew the whistle for tip off.   Then they transformed into this
Oh my goodness, there were knees and elbows flying and fouls all over the place.  One girl grabbed for the ball and lifted the other girl right off the ground!    It was like watching an episode of Wild Kingdom  LOL

Those little girls don't fool around!  I should add here that Uncle K. advised Aunt T. and I that he would not be sitting with us in the future.  He also said he would not recommend us as sportsmanship coaches for Rebecca.   It was a great game even though we lost 32-31.  And my princess did get a basket  (and also a foul)  Shhh, I was kinda proud of her.  I know - BAD


  1. Well - I'm sorry to say but there is no vendictive behavior happening here in GA. 70 and sunny. lol


  2. You're a character, Miss Kim!!! I honestly don't think you personally brought on this weather ~ just sayin' !!!! I know ~ it's been something here in Ohio, too! Sunshine today ~ I 'almost' took a walk ~ almost!! Love the story about the game!! My son just sent a video of his little boy's bball game and I could hear my DIL the whole time ~ big voice for a little gal!!! Good post!!! And I love that beautful image that you used!!

  3. You crack me up, this is so great. I am sure the weather is sorry for putting you through all of this. :) Hey, girls sports are way worse than boys sports. I played football all the time with my brothers and their friends. We always just had a good time lots of laughs. I thought I might like to play powder puff football one year, gee whiz, I have never been cussed or hit as much as I did playing with girls. I never did it again, played powder-puff foot ball. I kept playing football with the boys. :)

  4. LOL!!! I like the wolves picture. Cheri

  5. I'm with you on Mother Nature having it in for us! Her image you found should have horns!! LOL That would make a neat rug!
    Those little girls wanna win! What fun! Wonder where they get THAT from?!
    Glad you got out and enjoyed the game and friends!
    Cathy G

  6. Sorry about the Sucky Weather...
    I love games like that until it involves one of my children! LOL

  7. Oh Kim!! You crack me up. Hang in there, I am sure spring is around the corner. And where do you find all those cool pictures for your blog posts!?

  8. Kim,
    I love tuning into your blog!! You crack me up. I was just looking at the disgusting gray/black snowbanks and thought about how hopeless it all feels! I hated last summer too!! No gardening for me...too hot and weird. Kids sports are wild! I don't even like sports especially, but when my son played soccer...I was the loudest one! LOL
    Super post, lady!

  9. Kim, I hear ya girlfriend! Another snowsquall this afternoon with whiteout conditions. These squalls may last a few minutes, but boy they are scary to drive in. When it comes to sports girls are much tougher than boys! Sending blessings from Maine.

  10. Mother Nature is indeed vindictive as we have more snow on the way tomorrow - obliterating any hope of spring coming soon. Was I delusional to think that this relentless winter was coming to an end? I must have been loopy to grope for my flip-flops in the back of the closet thinking I would be wearing them soon - LOSER! 75 inches of snow so far this winter. . . WHATEVER!

  11. Love the word, hate the weather..except for the Chiropractor comment..I have to pay my bills! My boys played b-ball and sometimes fights were the order of the day...and that was just the parents on the bleechers.

  12. Kim, shhhhh, don't get mother Nature upset. She got quite a temper when she's upset. I saw her on the news. She can leave destruction in her path when she gets herself in a tizzy.
    It's not only from you that she's getting the evil eye. So many of us are complaining of too hot, too many weeds, too many darn bugs, too much mud and floods, too much snow, too much rain, too cold, ya-da-ya-da.
    She gets an earful, and when her patience runs out, there's no telling what she'll do next. I like her softer side. She gives us pretty flowers and yes, little weeds, and I really thankful that the mosquitos are small. You know what I mean....

    I love that picture of Mother Nature and I agree with Orange Sink that it would make a great rug.

    Going to see your little friend play was really sweet of you. JB

  13. Don't despair, Kim, I do believe some warmer temperatures are heading our way soon...don't hold me to that, now will you?
    We had that heavy snow as well...sick of it...

  14. Kim our weather is behaving for now. I am thankful. I was on my last nerve. I hope your weather gives you a break soon. I love to watch girl's b-ball, I played in highschool.

    Vindictive. Very good word this week Kim. I am liking your Wednesday Word of the Week even though I always seem to be a bit late! I look forward to it :)

  15. I can tell you vindictive mother nature is in Florida. 80,s beautiful sunny. But she will exact her revenge when I get home. The phone calls from the north are very whiney.:( So sorry north I did get away.

  16. All I can say to you this morning Kim is you are one brave lady talking to mother nature that way. Goodness girl you better ask for forgiveness her wrath can be more than vindictive. Did I spell that right it is a funny looking word.
    Had to laugh about the girls game especially your picture of them. Wow their so young to acting like that but I am an ole grandma what do I know
    Love ya

  17. Hope you see sunny days and soon!
    Basketball games are fun to watch especially when it involves the kiddo's!

  18. With a score that close, no wonder the wolves came!

  19. Beautiful mat, I am glad I stopped by today and became your newest follower.