Thursday, March 24, 2011

A couple of finished rugs

I finished hooking my new Spring rug last night.  All you have seen of it is a little peek.  And tonight I buckled down and bound them both.  An amazing feat for me.
(Aren't you proud of me?)

Here is the newest rug - Spring Birdhouses

And continuing with the spring theme here is the other little Spring Chicks rug.
You have seen it already but not bound and ready for a new destination
(yet to be determined)

Now all that is left to welcome Spring officially is a shoe shopping binge. 
I'm getting the urge.

But first, this weekend, I need to try a sample of my Pay it Forward craft idea.
Fingers crossed.


  1. Kim,
    LOVE LOVE those rugs! So cheerful for Spring! Is it there yet ( Spring)? U are amazing to get them BOTH bound! Good job now reward yourself with that shopping spree!
    Cathy G

  2. Kim ~
    You done good girlfriend. Hooked AND bound. I hate that "bound" part! Can I send a couple to you? {{wink, wink}}
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Kim, Your rugs are perfect for Spring! They both look wonderful,Cheri

  4. Oh my gosh I think your rugs are fabulous!!!! Great job, soooo springy! I say......bring on the shopping binge!

  5. I love your rugs. Especially the bird house rug. I just love bird houses in the garden! I'm in binding mode too, and my current hooking project keeps tearing me away! You did a great job on both projects!!

  6. Love your rugs, I wish I was as productive as you. I hook a piece and then need to take a vacation. Happy spring

  7. Kim both rugs are very sweet and fun! You done good gal! The bird house one is too dang cute with that little birdie doing a fly by! Ooooo I have a shoe thing goin' on too!

  8. Love the little rugs. I vote for RED SHOES too!

  9. Kim, you should keep a fire extinguisher near by when you hook as your wool might catch on fire. You hook so fast. Your two rugs are so darling and I can see that it's unanimous that everyone loves them. Great job.

    Now that the weekend is here, run to the shoe store and don't let anything get in your way now. Have fun, why settle for one pair, you certainly deserves at least two pairs of new shoes, one for each rugs at least. Hugs, JB

  10. I love them both, Kim...Nice to think of we are in the throws of Winter again...We would have to buy snow boots...BTW: go for two pairs of shoes, for sure....

  11. Beautiful rugs! So much talent! Have fun with your craft projects and I'll email my address to you! Then I need to fullfill the rest of my pay it forwards too!

  12. So good to see you are following "The Rule..." (You are, aren't you??!) Anyway~GREAT rugs!!! Me, I'm partial to the little chicks (ah, dah - wouldn't have guessed that one, would've you?) One thing in your post concerns me, though, you don't really reserve shoe-binge-ing to the spring, do you??? Ah, no, my friend... then you are missing out on 3 other seasons....(Bet I've got you beat on the shoe thing!!) ;o) Robin

  13. Love your rugs!! I'm a wee bit partial to the chicks one ;) -Tammy

  14. Goodness honey I don't know how to hook a rug but I would think that you did these pretty darn fast. Because it was not that long agoe you started them
    They both are really pretty and prefect for spring.
    Hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend.
    Love ya

  15. Oh they turned out so pretty and look just like spring. Have fun today. I hope you find lots of fun things today.

  16. Beautiful rugs!!! You obviously have a creative gene!! Spring MUST be on the way from all the birds and flowers I see!!!

  17. Don't cha just love spring? It's like a whole new start, a whole new world. Whatever WE choose to make the new year. Let's all set our expectations high this year!