Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring forward

While I love the extra hour of daylight in the evening, I am missing that extra hour of sleep last night after turning the clocks forward.

Plus dear Auntie will drive me crazy for at least the next week as she refuses to accept the new time.  Today at lunch time she announced she wasn't hungry because it was really only 11am.  She will do this ALL WEEK.  It makes me crazy and I suspect that is why she does it !   When I get old (well....older) I pray I don't do this to someone.  LOL

It was a beautiful Spring weekend here.  The snow is disappearing so quickly it is almost unbelievable.  The front lawn is BARE.  There is still snow cover in the back yard but it gets lower every day.  It makes me happy.

My 5 days off were a bust.  I did nothing I had planned.  This chest cold has a hold of me and I can't seem to stop coughing.  It hasn't flattened me but it has sucked all the energy out of me.  I basically just lounged around all weekend and did as little as possible.   And I had such high hopes for all the things I was going to get done around the house.  Oh well, there is always next weekend.

I did start a new little rug.  No great plan and absolutely no advanced color planning so naturally I got so far and now I'm stuck.  No idea what to do next.  Maybe I will get inspired to pick it up again later.
Here is a little corner of it so far
As you can see, I still have Spring on the brain.   How was your weekend?


  1. I'm sorry that you're suffering with a lousy cold. That was my February vacation. Your rug looks good...I love bird houses. I really like the fabric you used on it. I can't wait to see the rest! Hey, don't forget to email me your address!
    Have a good week and feel better soon!

  2. Hi Kim, I am making dinner Beef stroganoff and gardened all day!I was gone for a couple days out of town. Nice to be home.I am glad Spring is on your way!!!!I like your rug.

  3. Feel better quickly ... I am dyig to see what you do with this rug.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~


  4. Kim ~
    That's lousy that you were under the weather for your long weekend. Hope you're back to normal (whatever that!) soon.
    Auntie is too funny. I bet you will be just as feisty if not feistier when your are old!
    You learn something new every day. I thought it was just the crazy Americans that did the daylight savings time thing.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. So sorry you have a cold. but love your rug. I can't wait to see more. We still are very much snow covered. it was a rainy foggy weekend but the sun managed to come out late afternoon.
    you can't seem to use your days off for what you wanted. I hope that your next days off you have a blast. Your aunt driving you crazy would be my husband doing the same in this house. I asked him if he wanted dinner at 6 tonight he says no it really is 5 and I am not ready. ugh.

  6. Hello Miss Kim!
    Glad you found me in Blogland - and gladder (yeah - that's a good word for a lawyer, hey!) - I found you! I love your little spring mat! SWEET! don't like the binding/finishing off part?? I really enjoy that mindlessness...very soothing, relaxing...and, like I said, mindless. You know, you could always adopt the CrankyCrow more than 3 unfinished projects before starting a new one...or ELSE!! ("Else" is what I was going to name my little girl if I ever had one...Unfortunately, I never had a little girl. :o)) Nice to blog-meet you!

  7. As I write this my son is coughing his head off just like you describe. I love your new rug. I am glad you rested all weekend. You know your Aunt cracks me up. I feel like that sometimes. My husband has been dancing around because of the time change. In the winter he is awake at 4:00 am so when the time changes he gets to get up at a normal time. Now me I have felt behind all day as I got up at 7:00 Am instead of my 6:00 am regular time. It is nice in the evening though. I hope you get well soon,
    I will be praying for you.

  8. Sorry you are not feeling better! I don't have to adjust to the time change till I fly home. Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings....I wish they did. It's 8pm and still 80 degrees!

  9. LOL!! Zip is like your Auntie! He can't get up in the morning, eat meals or go to bed at night without saying 'well, it's REALLY --- o'clock!' The cats and I adjust right away but he's still grumbling for weeks!
    Sorry to hear you were sick during your vacation and still not over the coughing. Hope it goes away soon- like the snow. Horay for being able to see the GRASS!!!
    I sure hope there is no more winter!!!

  10. Kim, first, I would have loved to have done your pay it forward post. I didn't want to answer as a first five because as you know I am a lucky winner of a Kim Original. I am not creative or crafty or blessed in any way with a talent to make something for anyone! I do make a killer red sauce for spaghetti and some great chicken and noodles but.....So I hope you will be ok with the idea of me doing a pay it forward here locally with you in mind :) The little red bird house in your new rug is darling. Our weekend weather wise was ok but we have a little surprise this morning we coulda done without. I hope you get to feeling better, that chest cold/cough thing is wicked!

  11. Kim, I hope that your cold ease off soon. I attacked mine with double doses of Vitamin C and Echinacea and I have a bit of sniffle but not bad.

    The time change didn't affected me as I don't follow a strict regime and no one will fire me if I'm late for work aso I've got that part covered...

    Dear Kim, if you think that you are crabby now, just wait till you get older. Old age seems to be a license to be crabby, lol. On the other hand, I think that you'll make the funniest little old crabby lady in Amherst. JB

  12. I hate spring foward - takes my body a few days to adjust - I'm tired! I had a wonderful Saturday spent with all sorts of creative women and then did taxes on Sunday. We still have alot of snow on the ground but it is slowly going down - not fast enough for me!

  13. Understand about the cold...I just got over one too. Yuck! Hope you are feeling better quick!
    How was mine? Quiet and contemplative in family issues that were hard....sometimes that's just life, huh?

  14. I am not adjusting well to the time change at all!