Saturday, March 5, 2011

A long overdue lunch

Today I had lunch with an old friend.  Actually we were room-mates for 2 years during university.  That was 25 years ago.  WOW  - feeling old all of a sudden. 

The last time we saw each other was 15 years ago after her first son was born.  As often happens we lost touch over the years.  We moved, addresses changed etc.

Last week I received an email.  She had found me through Google - through the contact section of my workplace website.  Cool eh
She was in town with her daughter who was competing in a figure skating competition.  She had absolutely no interest in hanging out with her Mom so she stayed behind with some of the other parents and Kathy and I went to lunch.

Now I have a confession here.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but you all know I'm a little nuts so.....
I'm about 35 (ish) pounds more than the last time I saw her so first I squeezed myself into my dark skinny jeans hoping to look leaner!  I had to lay on the bed to put them on.  I put on some extra war paint and some good jewellry.  To top it off I even put on my high black leather boots (hooker style LOL) to try and look taller and thinner.  PATHETIC, I know but what can I say....its a girl thing!

We had a great time catching up on all the years and gossip.  And we promised not to let another 15 years go by before we do it again.  
Its probably hard to push a walker wearing high hooker boots !


  1. I believe that I've heard that it is hard...but, perhaps they'll put out some sort of glitzy, dazzling walkers before then and it will distract everyone when the time comes! Love the pictures in this post! You are too funny! Glad you had the chance to reconnect. Made me remember a couple of old friends I haven't seen in years!

  2. LOL!!! The two of you look great in that first picture! That must have been the last reunion because both of you are wearing skirts and not the skinny jeans. Hehehe!
    Horay for hooker boots! We ARE hookers, Right???
    Something is going to have to be done about that boring old style of walker. I think I'll paint mine bright red and put streamers on the handles!
    Glad you had a great time with your friend!

  3. Hi Kim, Catching up with friends can be a hoot.
    Where do you get your pics their priceless.I don't have any Hooker boots but if i had some they'd be purple.Cheri

  4. How fun!!!! Even more fun with Hooker Boots!

  5. Oh Kim, I know the feeling...Last year around this time my sororoty sisters from college had a reunion in Tuscon, AZ and I hadn't seen these women for 30 years and of course, the 30 lbs. I gained was obvious and I was so self conscious. It was a super great time of my life; a top ten moment of my life...even if I had gained weight...
    I'm glad you had a great time!

  6. Kim ~
    Glad you had a great time reconnecting with your friend. I'd love to see a picture of you in your "cfm's". Were you able to eat anything? I cannot stand tight pants!!! I used to have a waistline but haven't had one in quite some!
    Hugs :)

  7. Kim, I'll say it for everyone else , GIRL, YOU CRACK ME UP. You are too cute. Me, I don't worry about weight, right now any way. I don't want to say that too loud though... just in case I have a relapse ... what I worry about are wrinkles and a saggy boob and saggy skin and I almost forgot, thinning salt and pepper hair.

    I was at a High school reunion a couple of years ago and everyone had aged and many were divorced, over weight , bald and gray... A few were still looking young, but only a few but I bet that once they take it all off at night they don't look any better than most of us.

    I'm so glad that you reconnected and had fun. JB

  8. I laughed out loud cause that is purely something I would attempt to do. I have laid on a bed to zip pants in my life and hooker boots now and again. I now look drunk when I am in them as my balance is off when I get in them. I am sure I look like one big butt coming down the street.
    glad you had a great time.

  9. I'm glad she found you and you got together again after so many years!

  10. So nice to connect after all those years, Kim... sounds as though you had a swell time getting ready to go out...Don't worry, the weight gain doesn't matter as long as it causes no health problems....

  11. Once have me laughing!!!

  12. Haha, the strange things we do to impress the people who love us as we are, eh? What a wonderful reunion!

  13. You are so cute!! I wish I could have been there but hey you got the jeans on and that is all that matters.
    I am so glad you went and I am so glad you had fun.

  14. You didn't mention if she had a bit more lbs. Maybe you didn't notice and I bet she didn't either because it was probably just great to get together again as friends. But you're not alone with that dilema. I cringe when I think of seeing people I haven't see in many years..would they even recognize me? Glad you had a good time!

  15. hahahaha!! Funny, Kim!! Reminds me of a friend who went to her gyno with boots like those on. She told her problem and gyno wanted to work on it right then. Friend said she could NOT get boots off without a big deal so took off panties (had a skirt on..) and had the deed done in hooker boots!! True story...ha!
    Bet you looked great and glad you had fun...thanks for the laugh!!!