Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Update

First, thank you all so much for your messages and concern.  I checked her again at lunch time and the swelling is down to about half what it was and the bright purple discoloration is fading a bit.  So, some improvement. 

I did call 811 which is a NS Health line that connects you to a nurse.  Her advice was to continue what we are doing and monitor and keep pumping her with fluids to try and flush her system.  Unless things take a dramatic turn, I am not doing the ER thing again.  I softened the actual experience in my last post.  It was enough to make your hair curl!

Another positive - we found a man to shovel the kitchen/pantry roof.  He came this morning and did a great job.  It cost $75 but was worth it for our peace of mind.  He even took up a bag of salt and ice melt and sprinkled it along the eaves.  One less thing on my mind.  YIPPEE


  1. I am so glad, thanks so much for the update,

  2. Thank goodness the shoveling finally got done! Horay!!!
    Glad your Mom seems to be doing better.
    Maybe now you can take a small breath of relief!

  3. Oh Thank-goodness Kim! You are doing a fine job of keeping everything under control! Hope your Mom keeps getting better. Do they have any idea what causes the swelling?
    Hang in there!
    Cathy G

  4. Thanks for the update Kim. I'm glad that you are doing the right thing and that there is some improvement in your mom. You are doing a great job.

    I hope that she continues to improve. She must have bad circulation and sitting all day at the huspital sure didn't help.

    So glad that you got someone to shovel the roof. hang in there, spring should not be too far away. Hugs, Julia

  5. What a lot you have on your plate! Being in the ER with your mom's legs down sitting probably was not great as it was. Being home probably helps...hope all keeps going the right direction!! It's supposed to warm up a bit this week...yeah! Take all the good stuff we can! Thamnks for the update!

  6. Hi Kim

    Great you called the Health Line, that is what I was going to suggest. Also, make sure your Mom elevates her feet and ankles whenever possible. About the roof; we have to use a roof rake on certain places as the snow gets deep and of course, ice damns.

    It has snowed all day here..snowsqualls. Tried to go out at lunch but accidents all over and lucky to get back in one piece.

    talk to you later,
    hugs and blessings,

  7. OH kIM, How dreadful for you! I somehow missed your blog yesterday and am so glad Mom seems better. ER are the pits these days. I can really feel your pain have somewhat similar experiences in ER rooms. Hope all is well with you - please know that I am remembering you in my prayers.

  8. Whew - thank you for the update - I feel a little better - hope she does. Hugs to you for care taking your mom - I have been through it - my mom had dementia and it is rough.


  9. Kim,
    So glad to see your update. I've been thinking of you all day. Very pleased to hear about your roof finally getting some attention as well! One doesn't need the sky falling on them when everything else is going on. At least you can ditch the diaper routine! All my best to your mom, I hope she feels much better very soon! You take care,

  10. So glad to hear things are looking better with your mom! And you sound better today too! Hang in there Kim!!! Thinking of you,

  11. Hi Kim,
    I didn't notice your post yesterday about the ER with your Mom...that is just terrible..The same situation exists around our area...thankfully, your Mom is much better today...Hope your headache cleared up in jig time..take care

  12. Hi Kim, I just read about your trip to the E.R what a hard situation! I am glad your mom is getting better, Your a good daughter! Cheri

  13. So glad things turned for you. While you still have a full plate at least for now things are better. Glad the swelling is going down and your roof got the attention it needed. Now it is time for you to put your feet up and hook a bit.
    have a great weekend

  14. Dearest Kim, I do hope your mom is still showing improvement, being the primary caregiver is never easy. Keeping you both in my prayers, Julie

  15. Kim! So happy to hear from you and that things are improving! I would love to have some curl in my hair but not as the result of an awful experience in the ER! Take care Kim. Still thinking of you and your Mom and saying a prayer that all calms down and mellows out. Is it wine time yet?

  16. Kim ~
    I'm so glad mom is doing better and you sound better, too. It's the weekend ~ have some wine and do a little hookin'. It will be good for the soul.
    Hugs :)