Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Superbowl

Yes our version of the SuperBowl is the Oscars.   Sure, we like movies but really Auntie and I are more interested in watching the pretty people and the pretty clothes etc.

Much like Super Bowl Sunday, I have all the snacks ready for the big Couch-Potato night.  Chips, cookies, taco dip etc.

The Oscars are one of the few things that Auntie and I do together that doesn't end in a bit of a squabble.  I suppose because of the stress of caregiving together, we can sometimes take out frustrations on each other.  But not tonight!   Tonight is all about junk food and some foolishness.

You see, we turn into catty, mean 13 year old girls once the red carpet show starts.   Just wait until someone struts out in some really ugly dress.  Remember years past - the credit card dress, Bjorks swan dress, Lara Flynn Boyle's pink tutu, and the year Drew Barrymore forgot to wear a bra ??

Oh then the claws come out.  And god forbid someone wins who we don't like.......Look out!!!  It worse than being at a hockey rink when the referee misses a penalty call.

And don't even get me started when some shmuck who we have never heard of goes on waaayyyy to long with their acceptance speech. you need to thank the guy who put the extra sprinkles on your ice cream cone when you were 5......??
Yes....we start yelling at the TV -  "Get the Hook".   Yup we are in for a real mature night here at the funny farm.   LOL


  1. Hi Kim, I hate the speeches where they thank a million people too. I do love their dresses ,there is always someone that totally looks awful. It should be a good one with Anne Hathaway.I like when some unknown person wins.But I never agree with the best picture that wins maybe I will be surprised. Have a great evening munching away don't throw any popcorn at the T.V.. Lol Cheri

  2. Kim,
    I bet that is a site to behold :) I like to look at the photos afterward but my Tar Heels play at 7:45 so that's where my TV will be...Have a great great time!

  3. Kim, I do like seeing the dresses and I jump back and forth from other shows to the oscars during the acceptance speeches...But I wish Hugh Jackman was the MC this year...he's just too cute for words!

  4. Kim, I hope that you two Oscar winner judges agree on the same thing. It would be just awful to fight in front of Little Millie.

    Sorry to say, I've been away from that scene for so long that I don't recognize anybody in the acting business any more... That how much of a Oscar Party Pooper I am, lol.

    Seriously, I hope that you two have a marvelous time tonight watching all the stars and glitter. I would love to be there with you just to give you my opinion and eat some junk food. Hugs, Julia

    I wish that I had some chips somewhere in the house to munch on. JB

  5. Kim ~
    Have a fun evening with Auntie and I hope your choices win!
    Hugs :)

  6. It would be so nice to dress up on a nice warm night on the red carpet, can you till I'm sick of winter!!

  7. Your evening sounds great to me. Remember the year Cher wore the see thru dress???? I bet that was a howl at your house = it sure was at mine. Have fun you 2 kids and let us know who you hooted at.

  8. You deserve an Oscar for this post! Have fun!

  9. It sounds like so much fun. My Daughter and I do that on Monday morning on the internet as we talk about the dresses. Oh so funny. Have fun.

  10. Sounds like much fun Kim!! You and Auntie certainly need a night like that.

  11. Sounds like you're having more fun with the Oscar's than I've ever had at a Super Bowl party!!! I'm making a note to join you gals next year! :-) We did not watch them last night... but, I hope to catch some highlights on the news this morning.

  12. Hi Kim,
    Zip and I watched (much to his dismay!!!)
    I never see any of the movies, but still enjoy the show. What always amazes me the most is that people who are in front of the camera every day don't seem to be able to make a coherent speech when called upon. I guess they need a script!
    That was my catty remark for today.
    Oh, I have one more.
    Is Oprah going to the Dolly Parton body shaping studio???

  13. Sounds like you had a ball and that's what it's all about! We enjoyed it over tacos last night...ha! We enjoy all the critiquing too. Kings Speech was our fav movie so all's well that ends well!

  14. We do the same thing - you can say anything you want when your alone with family - teehee.


  15. Hi Kim I watched parts of the Oscar and I so glad Colin Firth won.Even though Jeff Bridges looked like he did a great job.I hope it was a fun evening last night for you.Cheri

  16. Kim I snoozed thru most of thw show! I think it was more entertaining to read your post about it tonight :)

  17. I love looking at what people are wearing too. What the heck was Cate Blanchett thinking? Melissa Leo could have picked a better dress too since there was a good chance that she would be a winner. I love Colin Firth and his speech was charming. Yes, some of those people should just say "Thank You" and walk off.