Friday, July 2, 2010

A little squirrely

The couple who are renting my cottage stopped in to the house this afternoon to drop off the cheque. Naturally, I asked them if everything was OK.

Hmmmmm, she gave me a strange little look and said " Well, everything is great........except for the visitor we get in the morning." Huh?????


Awww geez! I must have looked like I was going to fall through the floor. Apparently this little "darling" finds a way inside only in the morning, takes a quick lap around and then disappears again.

She did quickly add that she thinks the "men folk" have figured out how to solve it. It appears it has chewed through some mesh at an air vent. All I can picture now is her husband and my neighbor acting like great hunters from history......Elmer Fudd comes to mind. Lol

I hope that Mr. Squirrel finds new accomodations - far, far away. Good luck Elmer!


  1. OMG! I'm laughing at the Elmer Fudd men folk images chasing a squirrel through the house! :-) Squirrels are VERY persistent (and destructive)... so I'm sorry to say that there really is only "one way to get rid of them"...

  2. I wish we only had one! I could deal with that. My husband went out this morning and counted 23 in about a 1 acre area before he gave up counting. The babies are out now and tell you what there are a ton of them! Rock on Elmer Fudd! ha ha

  3. My friend in Georgia had 3 of those boogers in her attic above her room in the Winter. Took her months to get rid of them. They kept her awake at night!

    Go Elmer!