Friday, November 6, 2009

Three Cheers for the weekend!

Holy Cow......What a week. Am I ever glad to see the back-end of it! It wasn't bad enough that Mom had a 2nd fall in the span of a week - but it seemed like a large number of my co-workers went a little squirrelly too. It was one thing after the other.
Ahhhhhh, but now its the weekend. YIPPEE.....................

I do promise to get back to showing the final finishing of the purse before the weekend is over. I sent the lining to my neighbor to sew up by machine and she hasn't brought it back yet.

But I did start my Angel rug last night. Ooooooh, she is going to be so pretty. And I just came back from the store and I bought an electric fireplace for the living room. It might even get delivered this weekend. COZY!!!

I did happen to notice some "white crap" in the air while I was driving home. (Yes, I am referring to snowflakes - and obviously I am not a big fan!) I better not wake up to a white outdoor carpet tomorrow morning!!!!!!

Time to hook my beautiful Angel girl. I hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend too!



  1. The white stuff also hit the west coast of NL. Right now, Kim, I am watching Maddy scamper around and the snow is up to her chest. Well, she is short, but you know what I mean.

    Can't wait to see your Angel. I am working on the second of the ten mats for Christmas gifts.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Our snow was a false alarm. But I hope Maddy enjoyed her romp in it. Your Santa mats are adorable. What a great gift idea.

  3. That purse is going to be marvelous! I can't wait to see the next picture of it. Karmen

  4. So how did the purse go this weekend, I was sick and didn't get a lick of anything done.