Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Skunk Attack!!

Yes its true. I have suffered a skunk attack, and its not the first time. But this is not your typical garden skunk. It is odorless but equally as frightening as the regular kind. And I am guessing that alot of you have suffered a similar fate, but maybe have never discovered the actual cause of the resulting devastation.

For most of us, days go by and everything seems fine. And then it seems like you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and discover that - overnight- something terrible has happened. For it is at night, under the cover of darkness, while you are the most vulnerable - dreaming of flowers or sheep - THATS WHEN IT STRIKES!
The dreaded "Hairline Skunk" creeps into your room, on to your bed, climbs on the top of your head and swipes his white tail across the top of your head and you wake up like this..........

GREY ROOTS !!!! Arrrgh, that sneaky bugger. You panic and try speed dialing your hairdresser, hoping that the Hairline Skunk hasn't been on a spree so you can get a quick appointment!

And good friends come in handy. A few months ago, after a previous attack, I was sitting in Corinne's office at work when she quietly said " Ummm, I think its time for a color." LOL I love it. Everybody needs a trusted friend who can tell you the truth. Whether its - "You need a color" or "Your butt looks huge in those pants!"

So Corinne, if you are reading this I just got back from the hairdresser.....I saw you looking at the top of my head today! Hehehehe


  1. Too funny Kim! As you can see I don't have the skunk roots, it's just all over my whole head! My hair resembles Millies without the curls! LOL It sure saves on hairdresser costs though! Cathy G

  2. That is one of your funniest posts yet. I'm glad you recovered from the Skunk attack. I hope you will return the favor anytime I get a new strange haircut (which seems to happen at least once a year) or a new 'not so nice outfit'.

    I tell people don't ask my opinion if you don't want it.

  3. Kim, I agree with Cathy! I never suffer the fear or shame of a skunk attack!

    One time in downtown Toronto, I did experience the scented attack of one and never forgot it.