Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Purse construction - Part 1

Last night, after I got home and settled in I decided to get my butt moving on this purse. Some of you have asked for details on the construction process. I tried to take some photos as I worked last night but not all of them turned out.
But here is enough to give you the idea.
I tried to take really good close ups while I was sewing the darts, but naturally those were the ones that didn't take. The first step is to run a "stretch zigzag" stitch along the border so you don't fray and then cut out each piece.

Then sew each of the darts closed, pulling very tightly and then pin the two pieces together to ensure the patterns match on both sides.

I did intend to begin sewing the pieces together last night but Miss Millie had other plans. Since I was away over-night she was VERY demanding of my attention. The little paw kept creeping over and scratching at the purse. Then when that didn't work, she proceeded to try and push it out of my hands with her nose.

Awwww, how could I resist? So I put my work away and gave the princess the attention she was so needy for.

On my lunch hour today I bought the fabric for the lining and some wool yarn for the whipping at the top edge. Tonights plan is to finish sewing the sides and maybe whip the top.


  1. two words.... "Show Off" hehehe

    I'm just jealous that I got nothing done on the weekend and only an 1 hour hooking last night.

    You missed a good hook-in last night.

  2. Kim, I hope to get around to doing a purse or tote bag in the future, so your pictures are great and inspirational.

    Maddy was alittle under the weather on Sunday/Monday; abit of upset tummy and she wanted to be held and cuddled, so I know what you mean, sometimes, the hooking has to be laid aside.

    BTW, how is your mom doing?

  3. HOORAY! I'm so glad you're doing this tutorial! I have a purse all hooked and it would be so nice to get it sewn together so I can use it! I'll be watching for more updates. THANKS!

  4. Hi Kim, Maddy is back to herself but I have discovered that she has a low pain threshold.

    Hope your mom is doing okay and of course, you too, after such a fright in the middle of the night. I am so busy with the H1N1 as I am the Occupational Health Coordinator for NL's last paper mill but then, so busy are you too!!

  5. Your purse is looking great. That is something I could never do. I hope to see your finished purse here :)