Sunday, February 7, 2016

A different kind of bowl

Seems like everyone is talking about some dumb football game today.  Everyone except me  
Instead I focused on a different kind of bowl - my own super bowl
I found a recipe for toasted coconut cupcakes.  It's here If you love anything coconut like me, make these.  I didn't make the frosting because I don't like frosting so I'm calling these coconut muffins.  I don't know if it's a rule or just something I made up but in my mind if it has frosting it's a cupcake and without it's a muffin.  I'm in a blog slump, and a hooking slump.  I picked up my project the other night and looked at it again ........blah
I'm kind of hating it.   And the top half is almost all hooked.  So I have to decide whether to abandon or rip out ALL the background and try again .  For now it sits on the floor. Winter has visited us again with more on the way this week.  I had a few minutes to kill Saturday so popped into the pet store.  Doggie sweaters were on sale so Miss Abby got a couple of new sweaters.  She is so funny in the snow.  I shovelled her a little spot to do her business but she'd prefer to climb up and go in the deep stuff 
Time to make a cup of hot chocolate, eat another muffin and wait for Downton Abbey.


  1. You didn't watch the Puppy Bowl?!?!?! It's a snack bowl day! The muffins sound gooooood!

  2. It is one cute sweater! I can't wait for Downton either I am watching the game until it starts through.

  3. Ack! Don't pull out the hooking. Set it aside and start something else. Go back to it later - much later.
    Miss Abby is looking very stylish.
    Hugs :)

  4. I love coconut and I love frosting..but I don't like cake..maybe I can compromise somewhere here! I don't do football either and I'm looking forward to Downton. I might have to have some tea and pretend I'm eating a scone to really fit in! Chubbs loves snow and we've had none until later tonight and this week. I knew it was too good to be true to have 50de temps this weekend and not get punished! Stay warm and enjoy Downton tonight!

  5. I went out to lunch with hubby now he is watching the Super bowl and I am chilling. A good day!Abby is quite the fashonista!

  6. Yum, my mouth is watering... Abby looks adorable in her sweater...Enjoy your Downtown Abby.Blessings Francine.

  7. I agree with Lauren...set it aside...Abby is darling in blue...not a sports fan so I'm more interested in the food bowl too

  8. Isn't she just cute in her new sweaters. It is like she knows she has new sweaters. I love coconut too. I agree with you.
    We---Ron and I worked on the lawn mower, and then he mowed the lawn. You would swear it is spring today. I would trade gladly with you. I wish we were buried in 10 feet of snow. :)

  9. Hi Kim, Gosh, wish we had all that snow. That pic reminds me of shoveling a place out for Downy. She is way to small to climb over. The place was too small. The next winter I shoveled twice as much space and we were good. Kept it cleaned up but she didn't like being confined. Poor dear.

    Abby looks so cute in her new sweater. :)

    Love muffins, cupcakes and frosting but not coconut. Do love hot chocolate too. Mmmmmmm

    Hope you decide to finish your project. Looks great.

    Take care, stay warm. Janet W

  10. I agree, if I am stuck, I give it a week and sometimes I lay it on the couch so I can look at it while I work on other things and it either grows on me or I still hate it, lol. Not really sure but that makes sense, they are basically made the same way. Abby looks adorable in her new sweater.


  11. I much prefer your Super bowl! Cute picture of Abby!

  12. No Super Bowl here!
    Cupcakes beat sports any day.
    Miss Abby is getting so tall. Love the sweater. Are you going to learn to knit???

  13. Just set it aside, it is rather small so you might change your mind and finish it in a flash when you get motivated again.
    That dainty little girl likes the deep snow? Who'da thunk. I watched the Puppy Bowl such cute pups up for adoption and was more entertaining to me than football.

  14. Abbey is looking rather stylish and your muffins are looking delish...

    Just put your rug aside and find a great book to read while munching on one of those muffins. You make me want to make some coconut macaroons but I ran out of coconuts. sigh.

    No Super Bowl for me either and I'm thankful my hubby isn't a fan of football either.

  15. I do is definitely Abby's color! What a cutie patootie.... Yeah, we're getting snowed upon again. (Maybe I should just say, assume it's snowing in Nod unless you say differently....) Those cupmufs (my wordage) sound intriguing...I do like coconut...but I happen to like frosting too...not too sweet though...maybe the pudding/cool whip kind.... Will have to check it out! Guess I'm about the only one who watched the Superbowl...every last second of it. (Did I really care who won? No...) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Kim, I taped the Super Bowl so I could see the Budweiser ad and instead binge watched everything having to do with Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I did make sure I was tuned to Downton Abbey. What will we do when it ends?
    Love your pup in her knit sweater. My new miniature schnauzer refuses to wear anything like that and isn't too happy with her harness. But at least I won't be dealing with puppy rearing. She is 4 and weighs 11 lbs.

  17. The Big Tuna is a bit of a coconut freak. I think you either love it or hate it. No middle ground.