Monday, February 29, 2016

My own little trash can

Of course I'm talking about Abby, my furry little garbage can!  She will eat anything.......anything!   I swear at least once a day I am sticking my fingers in her mouth and it's NOT pleasant.  (Somethings I don't want to talk about.....ewww) With the mild winter there is no frost in the ground so the snow plows have left clumps of torn up sod everywhere.  And she eats them!  I see them up ahead on the lawn or sidewalk and I "think" I've got a good hold on her and then she friggin pelican dives to get them
I ate lunch today in front of the tv and left a napkin on the coffee table.  I left the room for no more than 30 seconds and returned to find a thousand shreds of paper on the floor and pulled a wad of it from her mouth.    Nothing is safe.  NOTHING We have a box full of dog toy corpses, naturally a little light on stuffing.  Dog toys do not survive.  I've started buying stuffed baby toys at the thrift store for .75 cents each.  These survive.  This is what I don't understand.  Dogs have teeth.....babies do why are baby toys sturdier??   Ughhhhh She's a furry little garbage eater!  Help.........


  1. I know all too well of the unsavory dog mouth removals. Why do dogs eat that crap? Really, I mean how tasteful can crap be?

  2. Oh yes Kim, only takes two seconds for the dogs. .Blessings Francine.

  3. Oh, the joys of having a puppy! At least she's not a poop eater, right???
    Hugs :)

  4. That is so cute, she will grow out of it. Sasha ate everything and so many times got so sick. Now, she is so much better. I think that is so cute.

  5. My guy is the same way, eats dirt, rocks, rabbit poo and anything else that is not attached to the ground, lol.


  6. Hi Kim, a few years ago just out of the blue Princess Downy started eating berries and leafs. I was forever pulling berries and leafs out of her mouth by the stems. lol Berries have something in them a bacteria that is not good for dogs. She got an infection twice. Ended up pooping all the time. I had to confine her to one room. I was cleaning the carpet every day. She couldn't get outside in time. Poor dear. :( She did get over it.... of course we moved. Now she licks the morning dew off the blades of grass. LOL

    Take care, Janet W

  7. Good morning, Kim! Yep, went through that with George, would have got the t-shirt, but he would have eaten it! LOL I can honestly say that my dog ate my house...he was kept in the back yard as a puppy to keep him safe. He ate the trim on the house. After he ate part of a telephone pole, all of his doggie rugs, sticks, rocks, cushions. Nothing was safe. And yes, he outgrew it! LOL

  8. Dogs, especially puppies will eat anything. I never bought stuffed toy for my dogs but gave them huge bones from the butcher. Not very cute but they lasted a long time.
    An employee of mine had a big dog, actually he was still a puppy, ate her new sofa. It was torn to shred when she got home from my shop. Y
    I had a small white poodle named Mitsy and she love to roll in dog poop... YUCK!!! I hope Abbey will not do such a thing. Why do they do that?

  9. So hard when they are in the phase of puppy hood. this too shall pass.

  10. Dogs love smell. Maulie has a thing for Morris and his behind when he comes in the door. I have no idea what is so interesting in morris bottom!