Saturday, June 20, 2015

Seeing red

No, I'm not angry, just wanted to brighten things up a bit. I thought the white and green steps were a little bland for me so I decided to shake things up a bit.  This was the front step before 

And now it's a little spicy.

Only the first coat of paint applied but it's a change.  Tomorrow it's supposed to rain so I guess it will be another week before I can finish.  My other chalk paint for my inside projects arrived today.  That will be another weekend project.  I have a sweet flower planter to paint tomorrow but I can do that inside the garage despite the rain. Then I'll pick up a few more flowers.  I hope the garden center still has some left.  

In other news, last night a few of the girls gathered for supper at the pub  to celebrate Deanne F.'s birthday.  Here's the little centerpiece we made her for the table.  Lol

Then we went downtown for "Movie Night in the Park".  They were playing Grease. 

Being the wild women we are, we felt compelled to sing along.  We gave a rousing rendition of "summer loving". But we got a lot of strange looks, so we soon skedaddled. Lol. But we had a blast 

I love Girls Night


  1. Such fun you've already packed into the weekend!

  2. No one should shush a sing a long to grease.

  3. I love girls night I love the red now paint your door red! sounds like such fun.

  4. That red is rocking!! I think it looks great. And now, it matches your rain boots. LOL I agree with shushing while singing to Grease...

  5. Nice little entrance. I love seeing all the tools on the deck. You've turned into quite the makeover artist.

    Having fun with Deanne is the best.
    Happy Summer.

  6. Must admit I did think "oh oh, oh no" when I saw the title. You're quite the makeover artist and getting things done at you home. So which one of those cute gals are you (I recognize Deanne), or were you the one taking the picture?

  7. Fun filled weekend, that's how you do it!!!!! Love the red front spindles Kim, looks great, Blessings Francine.

  8. The red looks awesome! Sounds like a great night out with the gals too! :-)

  9. Love the new porch color. I have a little blue cottage-style house, trimmed in white with a bright red door!! In my white flower boxes are masses of red-flowered geraniums. Brightest curb appeal in the area.


  10. Sounds like a fun night - I would have burst out in song too! Love the red steps!