Friday, June 26, 2015

One of those days

It didn't start well.  I got up a little late, spent a bit too much time sipping my morning coffee and then I realized I forgot to put the garbage out last night and the truck was due by any minute. Ugh, I always laugh at those people that run out with the garbage in their jammies.  Today that was me.

And with only a few minutes left I had to get dressed for work.  It's supposed to be "casual Friday" but we were having a big infrastructure funding announcement at work so I had to dress up.  Grabbed a skirt and a nice blouse and ran out the door.  

I worked the first 2 HOURS of the day with my blouse on INSIDE OUT!  And it was a button up blouse so I don't even know how I did it........OMG

Good grief!  I survived the rest of the day and came home to try and figure out a quick supper and then mow the lawn before the bugs got bad.  But then a nice invite came in for a bbq with a friend.  Beer Can Chicken or as I like to call it "Butt Chicken"

A happy ending to a rather disheveled kind of day.  Happy Weekend 


  1. Thanks for the good laugh! I work at a quilt shop part-time and dress is casual but one day I showed up with my capri's inside out. The label was clearly visible across my butt.

  2. Thanks for the good laugh! I work at a quilt shop part-time and dress is casual but one day I showed up with my capri's inside out. The label was clearly visible across my butt.

  3. LOL You are so funny! I'm glad that I am not the only one that has wardrobe malfunctions. I wear pull-on slacks to work, no pockets. One day, I just couldn't get comfortable, they didn't fit right. Had I gained MORE weight? Mid-day, I realized that I had put them on backwards... LOL

  4. You are ready for a week-end! I've just checked back over a few of your posts! Yikes! What rain you have been having! I so hope the news about your basement will not be terrible! Love your cooking! xo

  5. Kim I once did that too! I went to knit class with my shirt inside out. Luckily a lady mentioned it before the class started 😳

  6. Wow! What a day! Well, at least nothing like that has ever happened to me.YEAH, RIGHT! Years and years ago when I was in my mid 20s I believe. I was walking down a main street in a big city. Luckily there weren't any people walking around there and not many cars going by. I all of a sudden was tripping over my white half-slip that had slipped down from under my skirt. LOL So I just stepped out of it, crammed it in my purse and kept on walking. :)

  7. OMG, what a way to start the day. On the retrospect, it is pretty funny but I bet you were not amused. lol. It happens... I've had my occasional nightmarish mishaps like the time I went to a Christmas party where everyone was dressed their best and and I had put on my best dress too , only to realize when I got home that I wasn't wearing my breast prosthesis or my bra. One side was flat as a pancake and the other side au naturel. No one said anything... but my face got red as I stared in the mirror.
    You were very casually dressed. The kids had dress-up days at school that they called Pyjama day, inside out days etc...

    I've seen those beer can chicken but never tried them on my grill. Was it very delicious?
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Sorry to have a good chuckle at your expense. I've had nightmares where I've gone to work in my slip and had forgotten to get dressed. And once wore my insulated vest inside out and didn't notice until standing in line at the grocery store. Oh well, life goes on. You'll get a laugh at your mishap one day too I'm sure.

    Happy Saturday.

  9. Lol!!! Sorry Kim but had to giggle... Try and enjoy the weekend, Hugs Francine.

  10. I tried a couple of tops on in a clothing store the other day, put my top back on and was walking around the store. A clerk came up and told me I had my top on inside out!

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